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My phone buzzed while I was sitting in my windowsill studying for last minute exams.

I grabbed my phone and looked at the screen.

Unknown number: hey, I saw you on instagram and I thought you we're beautiful. Don't ask me how I got your number because I won't tell you.

I looked up, confused. Who was this?  I decided to text back.

Me: uh hi? Mind telling me your name?

I got a reply back almost immediately.

Unknown number: My names gray.

Unknown number: well technically that's my nickname. My real name is Grayson. Or as you already know gray for short.

I choked on the air. What. No this is fake. Someone's pranking me. This can't actually be the Grayson Dolan.

I hesitantly reply back.

Me: yeah good one.

Unknown number: I'm not joking.

Me: prove it

He doesn't respond.

Unknown number: promise you won't leak my number  to any of the fans?

Me: like this is actually you. But I promise I won't. I'm not a bitch.

Unknown number: can I FaceTime you then?

Me: sureeeee

He stopped responding so I went back to studying for the time being.

My phone starts to buzz but this time a FaceTime call.

I take a deep breath and slide to answer it.

The screens black. I laugh.

"I knew you weren't actually Grayson."  I roll my eyes about to hang up.

"Wait no. I was just putting a shirt on."

The screen suddenly changes and I am met with brown eyes.

"Holy fucking shit it actually is you." I mumble under my breath.

He laughs.

"You're even prettier on camera." He whispers.

"WHO ARE YOU TALKING GRAYSY-POO." Ethan's voice screams from the other side of the camera. I hear a door slam shut and keys drop onto a counter.

"No one eth." I laugh.

"I knew it!!!" Ethan screams.

Gray's cheeks turn a crimson red and I giggle at how cute he is.

All of the sudden Ethan's head pops out right in front of the camera.

"Hello small person!" Ethan said as Grayson swatted his arm.

"Owwwww." Ethan groaned rubbing his arm.

"Hi Ethan." I laughed. His head went back into the frame once again right in front of the camera.

"You know my name?" He asks like a dork.

"Yes I know your name." I giggle.

"Okay get out Ethan go make some dinner or something" Grayson complains trying to push his twin brother out of his room.

Ethan looks at his non existent watch. "It's 3am Gray." I laughed really hard at that, Gray seems to smile.

"Yes and we still haven't had dinner." Grayson said pushing his brother out of his room and locking the door.

"Anyways where we're we?" Grayson smiles into the camera.

I adjust my pillow and set my phone against the wall in the window sill, sitting cross legged.

"Well before you interrupted me with that text message of yours, I wasssss studying for my finals." I complained giggling a little bit.

He looked at me his eyebrows furrowed.

"It's summer?" He asked.

I laughed.

"I'm Australian Grayson." I answered.

He looked more confused than ever. "So??" He questioned once again.

"So your summer is my winter." I explained.

His expression didn't change. "I have to get the rest of my work done before I..." I stopped myself.

"Before you....?" Grayson dragged on waiting for my answer.

I shook my head rid of the thoughts.

"Forget it. It's not that important."

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