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Gigi's POV

Finally, I found something to wear! It was not too simple and it was also not too fancy for the meeting. I wore a black vest top and a read long-sleeved top that had lacing on the rim over the top. paring that with a pair of black leggings and combat boots I only had one thing I needed to find. my black hair bandanna. I swear I only just had it yesterday!

After looking for it for a food 15 minutes I found it lying ontop of the dresser and fixed it  on top ov my head and styled my hair. I did my makeup all natural since I wasn't going to do anything special.

*ding* I looked at my phone and realised that my agency had e-mailed me the places and times that I needed to be there. I grabbed my shoulder bag and walked out my hotel room, looking back on the mess of a room. Let's just hope no one comes in here.

I'm sorry guys this is a really short chapter. I am actually disappointed with myself with this one. Anyways, thank you for reading and I promise that the next part will be worth it 😌x

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