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Gigi's POV

~two weeks later~

Touring with the boys hasn't been as bad as I thought it would of been, they all care about their hygene which is a huge thing for me if they want to be close to me and they also all know how to have fun. No-one wants to tour a year with a bunch of uptight boys, I know I don't! This two weeks however, have flown by and even if we do, do shows most nights, it feels like I own my own life instead of doing my job.

I snapped out of my thoughts as a smash came from the small kitchen in the tour bus. The boys seriously need to stop smashing plates otherwise we would be eating off the floor.

"Don't worry guys, it was just another plate. I will clean it up just don't come into the kitchen." A worried voice shouted. That voice had belonged to a certain green eyed, curly head freak who I had become quite close to over the few weeks of being with them.

Roars of laughter came from the direction in what I was guessing was the gaming room. I think the boys live in there to be quite honest. "if you keep smashing plates Harry, we wont have any left to eat on" Liam's voice came through.

A sudden grunt sounded and I was swung back into reality as I ran into the kitchen following the stream of curse words. For some reason I wasn't surprised when I saw Harrys back hunched over the sink with his hand under the cold tap. "Shit. Harry come here let me clean it up."

Realising he wasn't going to turn around, I walked over to him and rested my small hands on his broad shoulders. A small whimper came from him and he slowly turns around, my eyes meeting with his teary red ones. My heart shattered at the thought of him being in pain. "oh Harry..." I quietly said and gave him a quick and gentle hug. Quickly retreating and grabbing the first aid kit, I jogged back over to the kitchen where Harry was now sat at the small table.

I knelt down and gently took his hand into mine, it looks sore, not too deep so it will heal quickly. "Harry I'm afraid it might sting a little but you don't want any infections." I mumbled while dragging him up and placing his palm under the cold tap. he winced and buried his head in the crook of my shoulder, his other arm tightly around my waist. Knots and butterflies were swirling around my stomach and I cursed at myself for letting myself fall for the curly haired man.

Once his cut was rinsed, I pored some of the disinfectant on a cloth and placed it on his hand. Hissing, he snatched his hand back and put it against his chest. Looking into his eyes, I saw the pain in them but I was silently pleading for him to let me help. Eyes softening and his face becoming less tense, he put his hand back into mine so I could disinfect it, eye contact not breaking for a single second. Focusing on wrapping his hand, I couldn't help but notice the stare that he was burning into the side of my head. Feeling self conscious, I stood up and went over to place the bandages back into the first aid kit... only to be pressed against the kitchen counter.

A gasp escaped my mouth as a pair of electric forest green eyes inched slowly towards me. his breath tickling my face and his nose mealy touching mine. My heart felt as if it was about to leap out of my chest and my stomach was in summersaults as his lips hovered over mine.

"Thank you for helping with my hand." he whispered and backed off smirking as he bent down to sweep up the shattered plate.

As he left, he left me flustered and confused. But mostly frustrated. Did I like Harry styles? More than a friend?



Okay, an apology wont do anything because I have gotten so bad at uploading. I have just broke up for the 6 week holiday so i should be uploading every other day but no promises.

Q: Have you seen Louis new song yet?

A: I have and I cried and I laughed. Lets just say it was an emotional time.

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