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In the last chapter.....

A gasp escaped my mouth as a pair of electric forest green eyes inched slowly towards me. his breath tickling my face and his nose mealy touching mine. My heart felt as if it was about to leap out of my chest and my stomach was in summersaults as his lips hovered over mine.

"Thank you for helping with my hand." he whispered and backed off smirking as he bent down to sweep up the shattered plate.

As he left, he left me flustered and confused. But mostly frustrated. Did I like Harry styles? More than a friend?

Gigi's POV

Standing bewildered in the kitchen, still leaning against the counter trying to gather my thoughts of what just happened. Harry has left went into the living room unaffected by the action he just did against me. And here I was acting like a star struck idiot because he went close to my face. Well who could blame me? Harry Styles, the charming boy with the evergreen eyes had is face just inches from mine.

I don't want to be one of those stalker fan girl people but he is just so frigging cute. Wait. What was I doing? I mentally slapped myself in the face as I groaned. I couldn't be falling for Harry after just a few weeks of knowing him.

Cleaning up all of the used first aid supplies, I left my thoughts roam for a while. Completely in my own world, I was oblivious to the presence behind me as I reached up to place the green box back on the shelf. Thank the lord the shelf was just low enough for me to reach it as if it were any higher, I would of had to get someone to help...which I was not up for doing.

My mind recreating the perfect demonstration of a steam train as it stormed through all of the possibilities as to why Harry would of acted like that. Was he drunk? No he wasn't, it was the middle of the day and he also has a concert later so he couldn't be. Has he just broke up with someone and using me as a rebound? Possibly...No! Harry wouldn't do that to me. Well I haven't known him for that long so I don't know everything about him.

My thoughts are disrupted, yet again by a cough from behind me. Yes, I was still leaning against the counter trying to get my thoughts straight. Turning around, I see Liam leaning against the doorframe with a smirk in his face. "well that's quite the view you gave there Miss Hadid" Liam cheekily spoke as he maneuverer his way to stand next to me, copying my actions by also leaning against the counter.

"What do you want Lili" I used my nickname for him and he threw his head back and groaned. This action made me laugh because Liam is the one who acts like a brother but also like a best friend. I do love winding him up and the nickname does that perfectly.

"Well I just want you to know that Harold over there has quite the fancy for you G" My eyes shot up at him, Harry likes me? Realising what the expression on my face must look like, I tried to play it off with a cough and a look over my shoulder. To make this even worse, Harry is sat on the sofa staring right at me, noticing my look, he just smirks and gives me a wink.

"I swear that boy will be the end of me" I groan turning back to Liam. "why me when he has millions of fans all over the world and he can get anyone that he wants, why me?" frustrated I stand straight and Liam does the same.

"Just take it sloe okay, give it a chance, he is non stop talking of you and as much as I love you G, its getting quite annoying." Liam pleads to me. For a second, I think that he is actually going to get on his hands and knees and plead at me then. A small laugh comes from my mouth and I turn, leave the kitchen and go to my room. Making sure that Harry saw every move I made.

If he could do that to me then I get to at least try and tease him right?


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