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Gigi's POV

Walking up to the large tour bus, I skimmed my eyes over my surroundings once again. I don't know what it is about being with these boys but I feel like we are going to get swarmed any second. Suddenly, the back door to the tour bus swung open and Louis screamed "Welcome to your new home Gigi!"

Stepping up the steep steps up to the entrance of the bus, the first thing that caught my eye was a single bed in the corner. It was not one of those single beds that you could hardly fit onto, it was one of those single beds that looked so comfy you could stay on it for eternity and still be happy. There was a pale blue rug in the middle of the floor and then a white flat screen TV in the corner. What more could a girl ever need? The bed had a vintage design to the sheets and a white lamp hung at the top as a reading light. Covering the walls

Gasping, I ran up to the first boy I saw and gave them the biggest hug I could muster. Repeatedly saying "thank you" would of surely annoyed the hell out of them but to my supprise it didnt. The reply I got was "your welcome love" now which one of the boys is most likely to call someone love? Wait...Harry! Peering up I came face to face with the grinning curly head boy and a deep blush covered my cheeks. Why was I even blushing in the first place? Oh right, it might be for the fact that Harry's face is literally inches from mine. So close I could feel his warm breath on my skin making a shiver roll down my spine.

Stepping out of Harrys grasp, I looked at all of the other boys, whowere giving Harry questioning looks, and gave them all a hug and a thank you. Not a single one was like that hug with Harry though...

Zayn's POV (I know but wait for it)

My emotions were set on high alert as Gigi gave Harry a hug. I'm not the one to question it but that hug lasted way too long and I think I even saw a faint blush on her cheeks which was strange since she looked like she had quite abit of makeup on. Why should I even care anyway? She is only a girl and Harry has loads of other women that he can mess around with another day.

Thinking back on what I just thought, I was starting to question the fact that it could be jelousy riling up inside of me to make me think these things. God damn it Zayn you have only known her for two hours! Get your act together you cant date her anyways.

After she thanked us all she gave us all a look when she sat on her bed so we all took that as out que to leave except Harry stayed a little longer. Suspicious I thought. Whilst me and the boys went into the lounging part of the bus, I thought of why we needed to have Gigi with us on this tour and why Simon said that we couldn't have any dating. Why am I even thinking of this. I should be focusing on songwriting and just being with the lads.

"So, what do you think of Gigi lads?" Liam spoke as if reading my mind. He always has a weird habit of doing that, I don't know why though.
"She's cool." "She likes good so I like her already" "I like her as long as Kevin likes her" "she's amazing. I can't wait for this tour with her" we all replied. Me speaking last as I'm the shyest out of all the lads. They all looked at me and raised their eyebrows but didn't say a word questioning my words.
Cheeks flushed and feeling flustered was not how I wanted to start this tour.

Q) What job would you do if you ever joined the army or Royal Navy?
A) I would join the household cavalry because you get paid for working and training your own horse.

Sorry this chapter took a while, I've not been feeling myself the last few days as I've been in and out the hospital the past week from family issues. Sorry if uploads are less frequent but I will try my best. I'm going to the caravan tomorrow so I should be able to get some writing done then.

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