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Gigi's POV

A thin layer of sweat gleamed on my body as I came back into consciousness. The sheets seems do be wrapped unbelievably tight around my body and I was curled up against something warm...or someone warm. Noticing a tattooed arm draped over my stomach, I also felt soft breaths on the back of my neck as they snored lightly. Twisting my head slightly, messed up curls came into my line of vision  and I threw my head back onto the pillow beneath me. I was in bed with Harry Styles. The morning after him kissing me sensesly.

Deciding I needed to get out as it felt like I was in my own personal steam room, I pried Harry's arm from around my waist and swung my feet onto the ground. Turning back to him, he looked so peaceful, his hair fanned around his face and his mouth open slightly. Soft snores coming from his mouth. His arm had previously brought a pillow to his chest, to replace me obviously. Laying in a fetal position so he was spooning the cushion in  sorts, he looked peaceful and the complete opposite of him when he is wide awake.

My mind wandering, I thought back to last night, the kiss, the way he wanted me to stay with him. And also how a part of me needed him. That same part of me wanted his lips, they craved his touch and himself.

Kicking myself, I pushed those thoughts away and pushed myself from the bed. Deciding a shower was what I needed right now, I entered the small bathroom and locked the door behind me. After turning the hot water on, I looked at myself in the mirror. Oh how I hate breakouts, I get them mostly when I am on the road because I can't clean my face properly. As the mirror had started to heat up, I stripped off and stepped into the warm water.

After washing my hair and body, I switched the water off and wrapped a towel around my body. Shit! I just had to go and forget my clothed when I am on a bus full of boys. I can't tell one of them to go in my suitcase to get me some because that would just not be something I wan't to show them. I mean come on, no one wants a bunch of boys to see their undergardments!

Deciding that I was just going to have to bite the bullet, I opened the door and practically became a spy as I was checking round the corners to see if anyone was there. Clutching the towel tight around my body as if it were a third skin, I was nearly at my room. Just a few more steps.

"Boys breakfast is done, someone get Gigi" Liam shouted from the kitchen area. Damn, wait a go Liam. Coming to the realisation that the boys were getting up, I jumped into my room and closed the door behind me. A knock startled me but I came to my sences quickly.

"I will be out in 15, I just got out the shower. Tell Niall to leave me some food will you" I called through the locked door. Well I think it was locked anyway.

Double checking the lock, I walked over to my dresser and put my undergarments on, followed by blue ripped jeans, a pale pink oversized hoodie and white trainers. Fixing my hair and washing my face, I strolled out of my room and hopped onto the kitchen stool.

Did I forget to mention that this kitchen stool was currently occupied by a certain curly haired fella who I happened to shake a bed with last night?

Well it was. And let's just say, the boys were shocked, including myself and Harry.

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