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Forced To Be by BobTheTransgenderCat
Forced To Beby BadaBingBadaBoom
Simon Cowell kidnaps a young, teenage girl and turns her into his little, baby girl. She doesn't like it at first, but once they begin on this long journey, May will lea...
The One, who always laughs! by Iam_a_writergirl
The One, who always laughs!by Rici
During the auditions of BGT Simon notices that something might be wrong with Amanda. While he is still fighting with himself what he should do, Amanda is getting more an...
Reunion (l.s) by TPWLarry
Reunion (l.s)by TPWLarry
It's the year 2020 and Louis gets an unexpected call informing him that one direction were reuniting in no less than a month. When the time comes, no one expected Harry...
1D Spanking <3 by Runaway_bb
1D Spanking <3by Just Another Author
It's a One Direction spanking story. If you don't feel comfortable reading it-don't read it.
Simon Cowell's Daughter  by lianne521
Simon Cowell's Daughter by lianne521
Meet Ariel Cowell. She lost the person she loved the most, her dearest mother. Now all of a sudden her father comes back to her life out of no where. Her father is the f...
Love Like These ( Prompts/ AntandDec Oneshots) by kashariak
Love Like These ( Prompts/ Sha
Based on Prompts from Tumbler/Twitter/ Other sites... Feel free to nick the prompts from me
The Final Tour // Larry Stylinson by drxcohxrry
The Final Tour // Larry Stylinsonby ❤️❤️
After years of being broken up due to drama within the band, the 1D lads have to do one final tour to mark the 10 year anniversary. Will Louis and Harry let go of their...
Can A Snowflakes Be Saved? by Harmonyangeldreamer
Can A Snowflakes Be Saved?by Harmony Mathers
This is the Sequel to Snowflake, My pretty little snowflake which you will need to read first in order to follow the story. Niall had been tricked to travel to a re...
Dec's Daughter 2 by TheDonnellyDaughter
Dec's Daughter 2by Charlie
Charlie Donnelly is no longer an only child, she has one brother but she never sees him, then on September 1st 2018 her baby sister Isla Elizabeth Anne was born. Charlie...
Little Mix (spanking story) by Kardashianlover22
Little Mix (spanking story)by Kardashianlover22
I started writing this story when I was very young so please ignore all of the bad writing and mess ups , I will be rewriting the whole book when I'm not lazy ! WARNIN...
She's Not Afraid (Louis Tomlinson) by Please_Trust_Me
She's Not Afraid (Louis Tomlinson)by Katie
Alice Cowell is one of those dangerous and mysterious girls. She is always out partying and it always ends with her dad, Simon Cowell, bailing her out jail. Once he fi...
New Direction [Larry Stylinson] by LouisSavedMe_x
New Direction [Larry Stylinson]by Louis’ babe
"End of One Direction after five years of success when Luke goes solo?" A billion teenage girl's heart broke the day that Luke, known as hot Luke by many fans...
Can You Manage? (1D Fanfic) by AmandaFlynn2010
Can You Manage? (1D Fanfic)by AmandaFlynn2010
"Simon?" I asked cautiously, "How am I going to do this? I'm only fifteen, and you want me to MANAGE the boys while you're on the X-Factor. They're all ni...
Whoops  by vvvashappenin
Whoops by :)
Louis Tomlinson sneakily brings the memebers of one direction to stage to perform with him during his Walls tour. He never imagined the chaos that would follow. Old fe...
THE BEGINNING OF THE END L.S by harrystylesstilinski
Harry Styles got cancer and Louis began to die with him. "I will see you again, in another life Louis, I will find you again. I know I will" Harry cancer fic
Mr.Styles is a gangster? |H.S.| by MichelleTmhps
Mr.Styles is a gangster? |H.S.|by Michelle Tmhps
Harry Edward Styles The deadliest unknown gangster in United Kingdom. What if the hotest young male british teacher on whom every female of a school has on crush on , fa...
MLM smut oneshots by muriya_69
MLM smut oneshotsby muriya_69
hot sweaty gay yaoi stories for gay mlm fans
We Were Too Young L.S. by Majoana_Turner
We Were Too Young Majoana Turner
Harry and Louis were the happiest couple, they had everything they could ask for, yes, they were closeted by their management but that didn't matter since they had each...
Life Of A Sex Addict To A Man Who Has One Too (on hold) by AlaysiaAmanda
Life Of A Sex Addict To A Man Alaysiashipperszzzz
Amanda and Simon are sex addicts for each other until Amanda gets pregnant and someone's already married what will Simon or what will he think🤔 Warning ⚠️ -Pure sexua...
Dec's Daughter by TheDonnellyDaughter
Dec's Daughterby Charlie
What Would It Be Like If Declan Donnelly Had A Daughter? Or If Diversity had a girl troupe member? Or Stephen had a co host? Or Got To Dance had another girl judge ? Or...