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Harry's POV
"Harry wake up!" I heard from above my bed covers. I think it's Zayn or could be louis, I can't really tell when my head is buried in a pillow. Ahh this pillow is so nice and fluffy. Why did they have to wake me up, I was having an amazing dream of this woman and a child. All I could remember were those chocolate brown eyes.
My thoughts were disrupted when I landed on the floor, someone was going to get it for that!
I rolled over and saw a pair of feet run away to the back of the tour bus. More specifically, Louis' feet. I got up onto my feet and took off to show that boy that he should not mess with a sleeping Harold.

Gigi's POV
I woke up, staring at the plain white ceiling of my hotel room. It's not the best room but it will do, I watched a few the "one direction" music videos and I can say that they are pretty good. I don't see why they need me but oh well.
Looking at a picture of one of the boys, harry I think it was, those forest green eyes popped into my head again and I was thrown back into a deep slumber. I hope we weren't planning on doing anything today...

Hi guys, I am so sorry about the gap between the last update and this one. I've been having family issues and on top of that, I have been having major writers block. I am hoping to put up a few chapters within the next few weeks but I have my exams so no promises.
I hope you enjoyed this part and give me advice on what you want to happen in the comments, byee xx

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