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Harry's POV

Sh*t, why did she have to do this to me. Okay I'm going to admit that I do have the hots for Gigi. I mean, come on, who wouldn't! Cough, Zayn, cough. She may only be wearing pyjama bottoms and a vest top but she still manages to look good with it paired with a bare face and hair in a bun.

I ran my hand through my messy curls and slouched back on the chair. "Hey Niall mate, can you pass a beer?" I mumbled. A beer was soon in my hand and I was shouting to the football on the flat screen in front of me. Even with the alcohol running through my veins and the TV blaring the football, I still couldn't get her out of my mind. How close I was to her, how her eyelashes fluttered against my cheek as my breath fanned over her face. How a blush raided her face, like an army on steroids, as I whispered in her ear. She drove me crazy and she didn't even realise it.

"Harry I think you've had enough to drink lad" Liam stated. I gave him a confused glance but then realisation hit me as I looked down at my four empty beet bottles. Had I really been thinking of Gigi for that long? Shit what if I said some of it out loud?

"Oh mate we heard it all" Louis laughed as he slapped my back in fits of laughter. My face felt on fire as I abruptly stood up and stumbled over to my bunk. Slurring curse words as I stubbed my toe on the corner of the TV stand. Laughter roared from behind me but it didn't sound like the lads. Realising that it was Gigi, I swung round and pinned her against the wall. She looked shocked and I cant blame her, I didn't know what the hell I was doing either.

"Harry?" she gasped as her eyes locked onto mine. Her bright eyes filled with confusion but something flashed over them. I wasn't sure if it was lust or I was just too drunk but it urged me to smash my lips onto hers. Her frozen state was discouraging me as I encouraged her lips with mine. Almost pleading, I placed my hand onto her jaw so she would loosen up for me. Finally, I got a reaction, her arms wrapped around my neck ad she leaned into the kiss. Our lips almost dancing against each other as we moved impossibly close to each other. My hand moving from her jaw to her waist and then to her lower back, pulling her towards me. She gasped and leant back for air. I didn't realise that we hadn't been breathing because we were so engrossed with each other.

"Harry what are you doing?" she whispered and looked down. My mind went blank and I didn't even know what I was doing myself so how was I even supposed to try and explain it to her.

"I don't know Gigi but what I do know is that I have feelings for you and I just cant ignore them." I truthfully told her. I don't know why I was opening up to her like this or even kissed her like that but it felt right.

"Harry this is the alcohol speaking, not you. C'mon lets get you to bed. You won't even remember any of this in the morning." She was so caring I didn't know what to do with myself. I was lucky to even have her in front of me. Nevermind kissing her.

Nodding slowly, I turned around an ripped my shirt off, my slacks following shortly so I was stood in only my boxers. A cough from behind me was a reminder that I was not alone so I decided to put on quite the show. Faking to have trouble with my necklace, I looked up to her with an expectant look.

Letting out a sigh, she stepped behind me, unclasping my chain and placing it on the small nightstand next to my bunk. Taking my chance, I hovered over her from behind and moved her hair from her shoulder. Hearing her breathing hitch, I knew I had an effect on her so I took it a step ahead so my lips could pepper light kisses to her shoulder, up her neck, making my way to her lips. She turned around and placed her hands on my bare chest, humming against my lips. This is just where I wanted to be right now.

Stepping back, Gigi moved towards my bed dragging my hand along. Shifting the covers back and lay me down. Sighing in content, I wrapped the covers tightly over my body. The cold sheets sobering my mind and making my actions lazy like.

Without thinking, I grabbed her arm as she made her way to the door. "Stay" I mumbled, my head still resting on the pillow with only my arm out of the covers. I peeked open one eye to see her looking down at me "please" I smirked as her shoulders slouched. Yes, point Styles.

As she lifted the covers up, I dragged her into the bed and threw the sheets back over her slender body. Wrapping my arms around her waist, head tucked in her shoulder and intertwining out legs, I breathed in and sighed. I couldn't possibly be any more content than I am right now.

122 reads!!! Wow guys I actually can't thank you enough. Even though there are only a few of you compared to other books out there, I am enjoying the process of writing this book. The updates may be infrequent but I am trying my best so stick with me and don't leave, please?

Q: What is your favourite song on Harry's new album?
QA: I personally like Only Angel because it is just so unique and it is such a new genre of music for him to dive into.

Lots of love, E x

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