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I thanked my taxi driver and stepped out of the small yellow car, I wrapped my trench coat tightly around my body as the icy wind hit my face violently. Well I guess this was my new experience of the London weather. I was silently thanking myself for packing the fleecy clothes as I stared up at the tower of a building. A huge sign was hung up saying "assistants wanted" huge glass windows covered the walls, people working ferociously inside, people running around with mugs in their hands and then people relaxing chatting away.

Hesitantly, I walked up to the glass doors of the SYCO Management building. The reception was breath taking as I took in my surroundings, posters of bands and solo acts hung up and awards hung next to them. A setae was placed in front of a coffee stand and sat on it were people looking through folders of typing on their laptops if their lives depended on it. (A/N me right now aha). I started to feel quite out of place as I walked quite slowly up to the receptionist. She was really pretty, brown hair mid length and a pale complexion with glasses placed quite casually on her nose. She also was typing onto her computer so I had to cough to get her attention.

As she looked up I felt as if there was something wrong but soon found out that all she wanted was my name. Not to be rude or anything but you would think that she would know who I was by now. "uh I'm Gigi Hadid and I was requested here for a meeting with Simon Cowell?" I spoke as clearly as I could while also to hold my posture and look professional. She nodded and typed something into her computer, another nod signified that I was definitely in the right place. "if you want to take a seat in the lounge then someone will come and collect you to take you up to his office when he has done with this meeting." she replied in a caring tone.

Going back to the lounge area, I grabbed a cup of coffee and took my book out of my bag. I placed myself on the uncomfortable setae and questioned how people can sit on these all day without getting pains in their body. Lucky people. Opening my book I started to read the pages, skimming my eyes over the words taking in every single detail, even the tone of how the writer wants me too feel. However, my head was just wandering with conspiracies and random thoughts of who this boy band was going to be. Was it going to be that boyband that recently came third in the xfactor or was it going to be that band that recently came over from Australia?

Footsteps were heard coming my direction and I put my head up giving a questionable look at the woman in front of me. She looked way too young to be working here and she looked so stuck up, high heels, short skirt and she might as well of not buttoned up her shirt. I gave a disgusted look in her direction and put my book back in my bag and swung it in place of my back. Trying to still look professional I walked behind her while shooting daggers into the back of her head. Why am I acting like this? I hardly knew the woman.

A loud knock on a dark wooden door snapped me out of me mental argument with myself. I looked sheepishly at the ground but it still didn't change the fact that I didn't like this woman. The door opened and I was tackled to the ground. What the hell! Who were these people?

"Louis get off the woman you will scare her away." came a voice. Where have I heard that voice before? This man who I guess was called Louis got off me and muttered a silent sorry and helped me back onto my feet. I brushed myself off and finally looked up at everyone around me. That woman was still stood at the door shooting me a deadly glare and I paired one pack to her. Making a mental note to make a report on the bad service, maybe that would wipe that ugly look from her face.

Scanning over everyone in the room, I was taken back by the fact that Simon Cowell was sitting behind a desk looking at the boys disappointedly. Finally looking at the boys, I was struck with a pair of emerald green eyes staring at me. Taking in his appearance I noticed that he looked very familiar with those long curls that went past his shoulders, only just. Broad shoulders, and oh my his tattoos were peeking out of his shirt. Stop, you need to act professional, not drool over this gorgeous man in front of you!

"So boys, this is Gigi Hadid and she will be coming with you during the world tour and she will be performing with a few other Victoria secret models around your stage during your performances. This would boost your popularity and also get you some more people on our team" Simon explained to the boys. The five of them looked shocked and stared at me when he mentioned the part when I was a Victoria Secret model. I looked down and stared at my shoes, what was so interesting to me about black pumps? Why was I finding their stares so embarrassing, I could walk up and down a catwalk continuously wearing beautiful clothes and then weird and fun clothes and feel completely comfortable with it. what was happening to me?


Q- So what is your favourite food?

A- Mine is pasta.

So I am really happy with this part because it is nearly 1000 words!! It took nearly 2 hours of continuous writing but I finally did it. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. Also, what do you think of the trailer above?

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