I fast turned my head to look it was Justin "I'm sorry" he said I looked back at the tv "I know it was a stupid thing to not tell you but I don't want you and Niall to get children" he said while sitting down on the couch I didn't even wanna look at him "or get married you don't love him" he said "stop saying that" I said "it's the truth if you really did love home you won't-" Niall cut him off "Get the hell away from her!!" Niall said while walking over to us he took my hand "it's not your business" Justin said "yes it is your saying to my girlfriend that she doesn't even love me!" Niall said I got up "Niall let's just go" I said "can you go in our room i'll be there in a second" he said I nodded and walked upstairs I knocked on Liam's door and walked in he was sleeping "Liam!" I said and he woke up "Niall and Justin are fighting and you need to go down there" I said he sighed and got up I walked out and into our room Liam walked downstairs I laid down on the bed "Zayn!!" I heard Liam yell I sighed why can't they two be happy? oh I forgot I'm the problem I heard steps running downstairs "Guys!!" Zayn said I know what I have to do now I got up and took the suitcase out I put some clothes in it I changed to a pair of jeans and a sweater I took my jacket on and took the suitcase and walked out I could hear Niall and Justin yell at each other I walked downstairs Niall got eye contact with me and stopped the rest looked at me "I'm leaving" I said "what!?" Niall said and walked over to me "I'm leaving I don't wanna be around some who can't act like adults!" I said "Y/N you can't leave!" Justin said "don't leave me!" Niall said "I'm coming back when you can act like grown men" I said while opening the door "no Y/N we won't fight I promise!" Niall said "I'm in the hotel in the city I'm coming back when I think I can" I said and took my purse "Y/N we can just stay and see" Justin said I shook my head and walked out "Y/N!" Niall said I turned to the left and walked up to the bus stop it's coming in three minutes I sat down on the bench and looked over at the house Niall came running out while taking a shirt on he came running over to me "Y/N stay" he said "no Niall I don't wanna be around you two!" I said "I'm sorry I really am" he said I could see the bus coming "can't you stay the night and leave in the morning?" he said "no" I said and stood up "Y/N I can't be without you in two minute how am I gonna survive two days?" he said "it's either less than two days if you two are friends again like before you even met me or more if your not" I said the bus came "can I visit?" he said I nodded and gave him a kiss he sighed "bye love you" I said "love you too I'm coming in the morning" he said I got in an payed the man I sat down we drove of Niall waved I waved back there was only me and a girl he disappeared I sighed is it a good thing? what if they never gonna be friends again then I have to stay there I yawned now I'm tired I let my head rest on the window we finely came to the bus stop outside the hotel I got out and walked inside I walked up to the lady behind the desk "hi what can I help you with?" she said "hi can I get a room for one?" I said "sure you can" she said while tapping something in the keyboard "how long?" she said "I don't know" I said "okay just run your credit card trough" she said I nodded and did she gave me a card "here's your key have a nice evening" she said I took the card and smiled I walked over to the elevator I pushed the button and waited my phone vibrated I took it up and looked Niall wanted to FaceTime I tapped yes and he came up on my screen he was laying in the bed "hi" I said while walking in the elevator "hi" he said "I miss you" he said "oh Niall I'm doing this to teach you two that it's not a good thing you always argue" I said while I tapped on eight floor he sighed "can't I come over?" he said "no Niall it's too late" I said and got out of the elevator "but I'm not gonna get some sleep" he said "sorry I just had enough of you two fighting" I said and ran my card in the thing and opened my door I walked I and put my suitcase on the bed he sighed and turned on his side "why can't you just come back" he said "Niall I've been saying the reason a hundred times now" I said while putting the phone on the bed I opened the suitcase "how many times do I have to say sorry before you come back home?" he said while I took my clothes out "one" I said "I'm so sorry!" he said "I forgive you" I said "I'm gonna pick you up now" he said while sitting up "no Niall you and Justin have to be friends" I said "what? you just said I had to say sorry once and I did" he said "and to Justin" I said "I'm not saying sorry to him he said to you that you don't love me!" he said "well then I'm not gonna come home" I said while walking over to the closet i hanged my clothes "Y/N get back!" he said I walked over to the phone and picked it up "I will say sorry" he said while getting up I smiled he walked out his room and over to Justin's he knocked "who is it!?" Justin said "me!" Niall said "go away Niall you already threw Y/N out don't do anything more stupid!" Justin said "I didn't threw her out you did!" Niall said I sighed and hanged up i took my clothes off and Niall called again I took it "I-i" he said staring at the screen "Niall your such a child!" I said and put the phone down I took my pj on "it's not my fault that you took the phone when you only were in your underwear" he said I took the phone up and crawled in bed he got in bed too "it's getting late now so I have to sleep" I said "can't you leave it on?" He said i nodded and made it stick in the pillow so it won't fall he smiled "night Niall" I said "goodnight" he said I closet my eyes and fell asleep

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