Prompt #12

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Prompt: The whole team meets up in Kaz's area because his parents wanted to meet them all. They go out to buy snacks and drinks for the night. Killian and Kaz have already met up with Aaron once, so when they hear a familiar voice calling, "Casimir" they tense up. The others notice. Aaron tries to manipulate and hurt Kaz again, but the others stand up for him.

A.N.- I am??? So sorry????? I had to keep stopping and rewriting Killian's dialogue because I've been writing as Brennan for 2 months and they're a tad different oops


                "I am small and gay and threatened," I said in terror, ducking behind Kaz.

                "Call me a toddler one more time!" Beckett snapped, flinging his yo-yo out at me.

                Kaz caught it and yanked it away from Beckett. "You two are such a pain."

                "Aren't you glad you invited us up for the weekend?" Leo said, laughing.

                Kaz had invited all of us to come stay at his house for the weekend. We were currently standing in Kaz's front yard, getting our stuff out of our cars. Beckett's mom had dropped him off and my big ass mouth immediately got to work pissing him off.

                "My parents want to get to know you guys. Introducing you as the 11 year old who murdered my boyfriend with a yo-yo wouldn't be a good first impression," Kaz said, tossing the yo-yo back to Beckett.

                I scurried over to Mikayla. "I have $3 and a mint in my car, is that enough to hire your big muscles to protect me?"

                "Not even close," she said, pushing me out of the way. "Can we go set our stuff down?"

                "Yea, sure. Come on," Kaz said. He took my hand and pulled me along into the house.

                I'd stayed over Kaz's a few times, so his house was becoming a familiar sight. Kaz led us down to the basement, where his parents were setting up an air mattress.

                "Oh, hi everyone!" his mom said with a smile.

                "In case you forgot who they are, this is Beckett, Leo, Pete, and Mikayla," Kaz said, gesturing to each of them as he said their names.

                "We'll let you guys get settled," David said. He handed money to Kaz. "Go get some snacks for everyone. We'll order pizza and wings for dinner and we can get to know your friends."

                "Malley might be dead in a ditch somewhere," Kaz said, tucking the money into his pocket. "He's not very good at getting along with Beckett."

                Beckett glared at me. "He's stupid. He speaks without thinking."

                "You didn't have to room with him," Leo said.

                "If you're not an oven, quit fucking roasting me!" I said, narrowing my eyes at Leo.

                "Hey, don't swear in front of my mom," Kaz said, frowning and elbowing me.

                Kaz's mom laughed. "We'll leave so you guys can get settled. I'm glad you could all come for the weekend!"

                She led David out of the room and we dropped our stuff. We set up the air mattresses and the couch so everyone had a spot to sleep.

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