Prompt #22

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                Prompt: The first time Kaz saved Beckett from Emmett?


                "And then you just..." Beckett made a sudden jerking motion of his hand. "There, see, you just move your hand like that." His yo-yo easily slapped into the palm of his hand, and he wrapped his fingers around it.

                "Yea, I'll stick to thieving," I said.

                Beckett shrugged and continued his yo-yo tricks. The two of us had gotten dinner together while the others were frantically finishing up an essay I'd told them to finish three days ago.

                "Pete's going to be panicking," I said.

                "Then send him to Leo's room. Leo doesn't have a roommate," Beckett said. "You said I could have some of those cookies your mom sent."

                "I did, I did," I agreed. "But the second we step into my room, Pete's going to be begging for my help. If he hasn't already overdosed to avoid doing this essay."

                "Essays aren't even hard," Beckett grumbled.

                "They are when you're on every drug known to man," I said, holding his yo-yo up. "Missing something?"

                He looked down at his hands in surprise. "How the hell?"

                I tossed it to him. "Told you I'd stick with thieving."

                Beckett caught his yo-yo and shot me a glare before tucking it into his bag. I grinned a little and shrugged at him.


                Beckett tensed up, anger hitting his face. He looked over at the boy standing there, a boy older than Beckett but younger than me.

                "What do you want?" Beckett demanded.

                The boy glared back. "Dad is looking for you. Wait until I tell him you're running with Maroons."

                "He stuck me in the Maroon classes. Of course I'm running with Maroons," Beckett snapped. "Piss off, Emmett."

                "Please, for the love of god, tell me this isn't your brother. Please tell me your parents didn't name you Beckett and Emmett," I said.

                "Doesn't matter. I'm surprised my parents even remember his name since he's so worthless to them," Beckett said.

                Emmett shot him a dirty look and stormed over. He roughly grabbed Beckett's hair and yanked him forward.

                "I'm taking you to dad and telling you're hanging out with older Maroons," he said, dragging Beckett along.

                I caught his arm and punched it hard enough to make him let go of Beckett. I pushed Beckett behind me and raised an eyebrow at Emmett.

                "It's kind of funny that you're saying I'm bad for being a Maroon, but you're dragging a child by his hair. Guess that Blue vest of yours isn't as morally sound as you think," I said.

                "Out of the way," Emmett said, shoving at me.

                "Oh, so sorry, didn't mean to get in the way of your abuse," I said in surprise, stepping aside.

                The second I was out of the way, Beckett hit Emmett in the chest with his yo-yo. Emmett stumbled back, rubbing his chest.

                "You're dead," he snarled at Beckett.

                "Try it," Beckett challenged.

                Emmett leaped forward and tackled Beckett to the ground. He punched Beckett in the face and gripped his shoulders, slamming him against the ground. The fury in Beckett's eyes was chilling as he tossed his yo-yo aside and threw wild, desperate punches.

                I froze for a moment as Beckett clawed at Emmett's neck. That anger, that animal-like violence, that wild look in his eyes.

                No. No, I'd failed Aaron, but I would not fail Beckett.

                Beckett was smaller, and he was losing this fight. I grabbed Emmett by the back of the vest and flung him off Beckett. I stepped between the brothers, calm but ready for a fight.

                "I've been arrested twice, and I'm really not afraid to go down a third time if it means kicking your ass," I said.

                I held my hand out to Beckett, hauling him to his feet. I kept my hand on his shoulder, making sure he wouldn't charge at Emmett.

                I held up a cell phone, and Emmett's eyes widened a little. I tossed the phone to Beckett.

                "Dial your dad's number for me," I said. Beckett did so, and handed the phone back to me.

                "Give it back!" Emmett ran at me, but I easily stepped out of his way, kicking him in the back of the knee and sending him stumbling to the ground. I put my foot on his back, putting pressure on it to keep him down.

                "Down," I said, holding the ringing phone up to my ear.

                "Emmett?" Mr. Townsend's voice answered, sounding irritated. "Where are you? Where's your brother? I told you to find him."

                "Hey there Townsend, Beckett's friend here to let you know your oldest kid just attempted to beat the shit out of Beckett." I kicked Emmett to the ground, putting my foot back on him. "Beckett's coming with me. Pretty sad when he's in more danger with his brother than the Maroons. Better get your oldest under control before he really hurts someone."

                I hung up the phone as Mr. Townsend started talking. I chucked the phone away and pulled my foot off of Emmett, nudging him with my toe.

                "I didn't really let him talk, but what I did catch sounded pretty angry," I said. "Good luck with that fury." I started walking, pulling Beckett with me. I paused and turned back towards Emmett as he got to his feet. "Oh, I'm Kaz by the way. Remember that name, because if you come at Beckett again, I'll be the one beating the life out of you."

                Emmett yelled after me, angry words I tuned out. Beckett didn't speak, just clenched his fists and stomped after me.

                We reached the dorms and he caught my arm. "Why?"

                I didn't have to ask what he meant. "Real brothers look out for each other."

                The anger dropped off his face, replaced by surprise. I gave him a light shove towards the stairs.

                "Let's go. I've got cookies to eat and other people's essays to write," I said.

                He opened his mouth like he was going to say something. Then he just shut it and nodded.

                We started walking again. When I put my hand on his shoulder, he didn't brush it off. He leaned into it a little, and I fought to hide my smile. I'd keep that anger from consuming Beckett, no matter what it took.

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