Prompt #15

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                Prompt: Do you think you could do a prompt of Kaz and Killian sending their kids off to Constance Academy?

                A.N.- I doubt Kaz and Killian would actually send their kids to the Academy, but I thought this would be fun to write. Also, some spoilers in here if you haven't read Blurring The Lines whoops


                "Hurry up and get in the car or you'll be late and they'll bet you with rulers," I said.

                "If anyone hits my kids with a ruler, I'll hit them back twice as hard," Kaz grumbled next to me.

                "I'll glare at them while I hide behind you," I said. "Boys! Let's go! I'm not getting any younger or any straighter here!"

                Kaz and I watched as our sons came out of the house. Our oldest, Caine, stepped up to us looking tired.

                "Why do we have to leave so early?" he said.

                "Because we have to check you guys in. We want to help you move into your dorm rooms before classes start," Kaz said. "Your dad was late his first day."

                "I was fashionably late and you will not shame me," I said, shooting him a glare. "Caine, Ben, get in the car."

                The boys got in the car and Kaz got in the driver's seat. I climbed into the passenger's side and we took off towards the school.

                "Caine!" Ben said, glaring at his brother. "Give it back."

                "What did he take this time?" I said.

                "He stole my phone," Ben said.

                "I'll turn this car around," I threatened.

                "Good," Caine said. "Then I can get back to bed."

                "You're not even driving, idiot," Ben said to me.

                "Benedict, I will request to have you put in James Sudlow's class," I said.

                "That threat will fall flat. He doesn't know who Sudlow is. Besides, Sudlow retired years ago," Kaz said. "Most of our teachers are gone by now."

                "Yea, you're old," Ben said.

                "You're old," I mocked. "Keeping being rude and I'll toss you out of this car while it's still moving."

                "Turn around and leave me alone," Ben said.

                I scowled and faced forward. I was positive that kid was secretly Beckett's son. Their names were even similar!

                Well, I didn't really care for the name Benedict, but I knew it meant a lot to Kaz to name one of our sons after his father. Sure, Kaz gets to name a kid after his dad but I didn't get to name a kid after memes. This was such a double standard.

                The ride was quiet, the boys putting in their headphones and Kaz turning on the radio and quietly singing along under his breath. I knew he was nervous about taking the kids to the Academy, worried there would be prejudice against them because of what Kaz had done there so many years ago.

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