Prompt #19

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                Prompt: Kaz getting hit for the first time at Constance Academy

                A.N.- Kaz was sent to the Academy when he was 16, so this is a year before Killian ever gets sent there!


                First day of classes at a new school.

                I stared at myself in the mirror, fixing my hair. I missed being able to dress myself in the clothes of my choosing, but I was a delinquent Maroon boy now.

                My parents had both texted me good luck messages, my mom promising to call me when she got home from work today. They were worried about me, but I would be fine. It was supposedly strict here for the Maroons, but thanks to Aaron, I could steal without getting caught most of the time. Even if my impulses took over, I doubted the teachers would care.

                "Fuck," my roommate, Pete, said as he shoved things around on his desk. "Morning pills, morning pills..."

                "These?" I asked, snatching them up off the windowsill and holding them so he could see.

                "Those!" He smacked his palm to his forehead. "I forgot I put them there."

                I checked the dosage and took the pills out, handing them to Pete. He took them and slung his backpack over his shoulder.

                "Let's head out. First day of hell for you," he said, pulling the door open.

                "It's just school," I said, following him.

                There were Blues at the end of the hall watching us leave. We filed past them and outside, following the crowds of students making their way to class.

                "Constance isn't like other schools," Pete said. "It's, uh...well, you'll see. You're an active troublemaker. They find out quick what kind of place this is."

                Aaron flashed through my mind, a fresh wound. "I'm sure I can handle a few strict classes."

                We entered the academic building and Pete led us to our first class. There was a teacher writing something on the board and Pete shrugged at me before heading away to take his seat. I checked my schedule for the teacher's name before going up to him.

                "Mr. Fazio?" I said.

                He spun around and glared at me. Oh, okay. I wasn't expecting that much of a disgusted look, but what was life without a few surprises?

                "The new boy," he sneered. "Cas something."

                "Casimir," I said. "Or just Kaz. Or you can just angrily call me Warrick. You have a lot of options here."

                "I read your file. A nasty little thief," he said, shaking his head. "Steal anything from my classroom and you'll have a miserable time here, got it?"

                "Damn, and I really liked that marker you were writing with," I said.

                "Go take a seat. The empty one in the second row. Go," he said, gesturing me away impatiently.

                I went and took my seat, looking around at the other students. They talked to each other in hushed voicing, all of them falling silent as Mr. Fazio slammed the classroom door. They watched him wearily, hands on top of their desks.

                "Pass up your homework," Mr. Fazio said. He noticed a student whose hands weren't on his desk and picked up a ruler. "Zachary!"

                Zachary looked up, startled. He immediately put his hands on top of his desk.

                "I was just trying to get a stain off my pants," he said hurriedly. "I spilled a little juice on them at breakfast. I'm sorry, sir."

                Mr. Fazio stormed over and grabbed Zachary's hand, slamming it against the desk before bringing the ruler down on it so hard that Zachary winced in pain. Looking satisfied, Mr. Fazio did it twice more.

                I stood up, appalled that a teacher could get away with that. I could tell by everyone's faces that this wasn't a new occurrence.

                "Warrick," Mr. Fazio snarled. "Did you have something to say?"

                "Yea, I do," I said. "You're going to break his hands because he was trying to wipe off a stain? You're sick. This is abuse."

                "You're new here, so you're not with the way things work yet," Mr. Fazio said, storming over to me. He grabbed the back of my neck, trying to shove me back down in my chair.

                The world seemed to tilt a little under me and suddenly I wasn't in Constance Academy. I was back in my hometown, a grinning Aaron grabbing my neck and telling me to listen, listen, listen Kaz.

                My breath stuttered and I dug my fingernails into my palms to steady myself. I wasn't there. I wasn't with Aaron. I was here, I was at Constance Academy in a classroom.

                But did it matter if I was there or here? Abuse was abuse. But this time, I wasn't going to sit down and take it.

                So long of enduring Aaron taught me a few tricks, and I put them to use now. I managed to free myself from Fazio's grip, ducking away from him and pulling my hands back before his ruler could hit them.

                "I don't bow to abusers," I said, meeting his eyes with a steady gaze.

                "I knew you'd be trouble," Mr. Fazio said, grabbing the front of my vest and throwing me back into my seat. He grabbed my hand before I could stop him and slammed the ruler down on it, the pain rippling across my skin. But I kept my face determined, letting him hit me again without giving away any signs of pain.

                "Hit me all you want," I challenged. "You said I'd be miserable here? Buddy, you have no idea how you're going to feel when I'm done with this Academy."

                He hit me in the face with the ruler. "You're a despicable little thief. I'll make damn well sure to break you fast, Warrick." He hit me once more before going up to the front of the room.

                I kept my head up, glaring after him. It took me a moment to realize the students were staring at me, and their expressions had the tiniest flicker of hope.

                What had they endured at this Academy? Were all the teachers like this? Were Maroons nothing more than punching bags?

                No. I wouldn't sit by quietly if that was the case. I'd observe the rest of the day and make sure every damn teacher here knew I wouldn't be a victim. Not again. I was done letting myself get abused.

                "You're crazy," Pete whispered, but there was admiration in his voice. "Holy shit, it was nice knowing you, Kaz."

                I looked at him, a drugged up kid who couldn't function properly. I grinned at him, making sure the students around me could hear.

                "I like a good fight. I dare this place to try and break me down. I'm making it out of here as smug as I came in," I promised.

                Pete looked hopeful and I turned to face the front of the class again. I wouldn't let Aaron keep haunting me. I'd fight back for once and build something for myself, no matter how hard they tried to break me down.

                Maybe Constance Academy wouldn't be as boring as I thought.

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