Prompt #20

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                Prompt: Maybe one with Kaz and Killian and their boys going out to a fancy restaurant and they are trying to get them dressed, but they keep messing themselves up, so they order pizza instead


                "Kaz!" I called. "Casimir Warrick!"

                "What?" Kaz entered our bedroom, dressed neatly like always.

                I, however, looked like I'd murdered a hobo for his clothes and then gone dumpster diving for accessories. Sweatpants, an old T-shirt with a hole in the armpit, and socks that my big toe was poking out of.

                "Please tell me you're not wearing that to the restaurant, Malley. It's a nice restaurant," Kaz said.

                "That's why I called you in here. Help me get dressed, and then help me wrestle two children into clothes that make them look like we give a shit about spending money on our kids," I said.

                "I spent over $200 on their clothes last month. If Ben has another growth spurt, we're going to go broke," Kaz said, pulling open the closet door and digging around our clothes. "Borrow one of my shirts. Here, put these pants on and I'll get you my shirt."

                I pulled my sweatpants off and took the pants from Kaz, pulling them on. "Ben isn't allowed to grow up. He's moody at his age already, I don't need him to be a teenager."

                "He's seven. I'm sure by the time he's a teenager he'll be...sort of happy?" Kaz, ever the optimist, said. "Here, put this shirt on."

                "I hope you plan on taking this off of me after dinner," I said.

                "Once the kids are in bed, sure," Kaz said, kissing me. "Now get dressed."

                "Woohoo, getting laid!" I said triumphantly, changing into the shirt. "Oh, this shirt is soft. I take back my earlier statement. Don't strip off my shirt."

                "That's MY shirt," Kaz said. "You can't keep it. Let's go dress the boys. This'll be a fun time."

                "You dress Ben, I'll dress Caine," I said, trying to hurry out of the room.

                But Kaz caught my arm and yanked me back. "We're not splitting up. This is war."

                "We're not at the Academy anymore!" I said, but followed him out of our bedroom and into Caine's.

                Caine and Ben sat on the floor together. Caine was playing a video game, and Ben was reading a book, both ignoring us.

                "Hey, brats," I said, nudging Caine with my foot. "Get dressed in nice clothes. Dinner time. Dad and I are paying."

                "I'm nine, I couldn't pay for dinner if I wanted to," Caine said, not taking his eyes off the screen. "What I'm wearing is fine."

                Kaz unplugged his video game. "Hope you saved it before the power went out. What a shame."

                "Dad!" Caine glared at him.

                Kaz snatched Ben's book out of his hands. "Nice clothes. Get going."

                "I like what I'm wearing," Ben argued.

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