Prompt #8

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Prompt: What about a Conversion Academy prompt where the whole gang meets up for the first time in the summer break at the end of the book. Kinda wanna see how Pete is doing off the pill and how they all react to each other after two weeks of not seeing each other.


It had been two weeks since I'd seen my friends from Constance Academy. I pulled into the parking lot of the park we were all meeting at, wondering if anything could really change that much in two weeks. I'd been Skyping with Kaz often, planning when we'd spend time together. It had been hectic with everyone trying to readjust to being back home.

I noticed Mikayla and Beckett sitting together at a picnic table and got out of the car. I went over to them and they looked up at me.

"Great," Beckett said in annoyance, crossing his arms.

"How did you even get here? 11 year olds can't drive," I said.

"No shit. My mom brought me," he said.

"Hey! That's not baby language," I said sternly. I leapt back in terror as he pulled his yo-yo out of his pocket.

"Don't start picking fights just yet, Beck," Mikayla said. She looked past me and her eyes lit up, a smile coming to her face.

"My shirts still smell like me?" Leo asked, stepping past me to hug Mikayla.

"Trying to learn new tricks?" Mikayla asked, pulling away from him and nodding at his cut up legs. Both of his knees were skinned, and bruises decorated his elbows and arms.

Leo grinned, though. "I've been hitting the skate park with my friends every day." He turned to me and lightly punched my shoulder, knowing I was a very fragile gay. "Miss having me as a roommate?"

"No. Now I can sleep without wondering if you're going to wake me up to break the law in the middle of the night," I said.

"Kaz!" Beckett said, fighting to keep his annoyed face instead of actually showing that he was capable of happiness.

I spun around as Kaz came over, Pete slowly making his way alongside. Kaz had slowed his pace to match Pete's, but he grinned as he spotted us all.

The two reached our group, and Kaz held his fist out to Beckett, his grin growing as Beckett smacked his fist against it. Kaz slipped his arm around my waist and tossed Beckett's yo-yo into the air, catching it as it came back down.

Beckett furrowed his brow and looked down at his empty hands. "When did you-"

"Two weeks and you're already slow to react," Kaz said, tossing the yo-yo back to Beckett. "I expect a lot more out of the prince of Conversion Academy."

Beckett tucked his yo-yo back into his pocket. "I won't let Constance win!"

Kaz's expression softened a little and he reached out, slapping Beckett on the back. "Good. Be his worst nightmare."

I leaned against Kaz, peeking over him to Pete. "Is he a real human now?"

Pete glared at me and I shrank back. "I was always a real human!"

"Finally off those drugs? Damn, now I can't make overdose jokes at you," Leo said.

Pete swung a punch at Leo, which Leo easily ducked away from. "I'm not fully off my meds. I've just cut back on them. My parents are working me off of them." Pete gave a dangerous grin, but it was free. "Feels good to be back."

"This is very touching, but it's been two weeks and I haven't been kissed by you and your stupid hair," I said to Kaz, nudging him to get his attention.

"You're so thirsty," Beckett said.

"Can you blame me? Look at this." I gestured at Kaz. "His hair is bad, but the rest of him is fine."

"If it'll shut you up," Kaz said, pulling me closer and kissing me.

I nodded in approval as he pulled away from me. "Good, good. Kaz has kissed me, Mikayla's got that whole sun's out guns out aesthetic down, and Pete hasn't killed me yet. A very good day."

Mikayla flexed her impressive muscles at me from her tank top. "Want to test them? I've been dying to punch you."

"This is rude and uncalled for," I said, hiding behind Kaz.

Leo laughed. "Mika, come on, if you punch him then Beckett and Pete will join in. We don't need you all getting arrested. That's Kaz's thing."

"I haven't been arrested in a while," Kaz said. "What if instead of punching Malley, we just tape his mouth shut?"

"I cannot believe this is the treatment I receive. I am cute, love pups, and have a fantastic ass. You should all appreciate me more," I said.

"Well, you definitely have a fantastic ass," Kaz said, laughing when I punched him in the shoulder.

"He was a lot easier to tolerate on drugs," Pete said, moving towards Leo and Mikayla, probably curious about how beat up Leo looked. "Damn, Leo, how the hell did you-"

He stumbled, his knee suddenly giving out. Kaz moved fast, as if he had been expecting it. He caught Pete and steadied him until Pete had stretched his leg out a bit.

"Damn," Pete growled. "Without my hydros, it's been giving out more. I think it's just because I'm not used to feeling it hurt."

Kaz released him. "You good?"

Pete tested his leg and nodded. "Yea, I'm fine."

We all chatted a little, lightly catching up, knowing we'd get into details about everything later on in the day. Everyone was just happy to be back together again.

"Hey, I brought my skateboard. Come on; I'll show you some new tricks I've been practicing," Leo said, grabbing Mikayla's hand and leading her away from us.

"Speaking of tricks, show me how you beat the shit out of people with a yo-yo. It's impressive," Pete said, moving closer to Beckett.

"Speaking of tricks, show me what that mouth do," I said to Kaz.

"Please don't ever say that again," he said with a sigh, taking my hand in his. "Come on, while everyone catches up, so can we."

We took off to go make out or cuddle or do explicit things in a park (please, god, let it be the explicit things). I knew we'd all regroup for lunch and then spend the rest of the day together, and I was actually excited for the rest of the day.

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