Prompt #26

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                Prompt: Siggy and Rogan, just general hanging out. The two can just hit the town together on a day off. Go to the mall, or to an arcade or something and just bond as siblings

                A.N.- Sam finally gets a Siggeir brother prompt 723 years after I told her I'd write it soon, and it's very underwhelming because I have to go to work soon whoops


                "Are you ready yet? You take so long," Siggy said, lying on Rogan's bed.

                "I two whole days a week where I don't have to wear that ugly-ass vest. This is an important decision, Seph," Rogan said, finally deciding on a shirt. He pulled it on, checked his appearance in the mirror, and nodded in approval.

                "Why does it matter? It's not like you're trying to impress anyone," Siggy said, hopping off the bed.

                "I could pick a girl. You never know," Rogan said defensively.

                "With that ugly face? Good luck," Siggy said, ducking away from Rogan's fist and laughing a little.

                "Shut it and let's go," Rogan said, kicking his brother forward.

                The two left the dorm building and went to the bus station. They swiped onto the bus and sat down together, students around them talking excitedly about how they were going to spend their weekend. A lot of kids liked to walk to town, but today it was hot out and Siggy and Rogan had agreed not to torture themselves like that.

                They transferred buses and waited until the mall stop before getting off. Siggy grabbed Rogan's shoulder as he made for the mall.

                "Don't you dare run off. I'm still responsible for you as a Blue," he reminded. "And don't go picking any fights, Ro."

                "Would I ever pick a fight?" Rogan said.

                Siggy jammed a finger into his chest. "You wear a Maroon vest because of your temper, dumbass. Just behave."

                "You're so uptight," Rogan said, swatting Siggy's hand away. "I'm hungry. Let's get lunch."

                "You could've said something when we were on campus where we have a meal plan," Siggy said.

                "Well, I wasn't as hungry back then. That was the past, Seph," Rogan said.

                Siggy sighed heavily. "I hate you."

                Rogan grinned. "I know. I'll even pay."

                "You mean mom and dad will pay. That's not your money," Siggy said.

                "Look, do you want food or not? Because I'll be more than happy to stuff my face while you watch, starvation claiming your sanity but pride stopping you."

                "You're so overdramatic."

                "And so hungry. Walk faster, Seph."

                The two went to the food court and grabbed some pizza. Rogan paid and they sat down together.

                "How are classes going?" Siggy asked. "Are you still picking fights with your teachers?"

                "They deserve it. Besides, they get their anger out on Kaz most of the time. You think I'm bad, but Kaz is a nightmare," Rogan said, looking pleased at the thought of Kaz tormenting their teachers. "Asshole kid starts trouble all the time."

                "Yea, asshole kid," Siggy said. He was so grateful to Kaz. Without Kaz, he could've been separated from his brother. They might not be here right now, enjoying their time together. They'd fought so hard to stay together right from day one, and Kaz had aided that fight.

                "What about you? Heard you guys had a meeting with Constance," Rogan said. "Hope you told him to fuck himself."

                "Two of his kids were at the meeting. I wasn't going to tell a man to go fuck himself in front of his 11 year old kid," Siggy said. "Besides, unlike you, I know how to control my temper. It doesn't matter how much we hate him. If we don't cause trouble for him, he'll leave us alone."

                "Aw, what's life without a little fun and some insults for shitty dudes like him?" Rogan had a huge smirk on his face, the same smirk he wore whenever he wanted to cause trouble. Siggy felt exasperation rise in him, but he couldn't help but smile.

                "Finish eating. I need a new shirt for that dinner with mom and dad next month," Siggy said.

                They ate and went down to a store together. Siggy began looking through dress shirts, but Rogan tugged him away towards a rack of T-shirts.

                "Ro, that's not what I need," SIggy protested.

                "I know, I know, but look!" Rogan grabbed a T-shirt and held it out so Siggy could see. It had a sketch of a field done in pastel colors, a beautiful design.

                "What, you want matching shirts?" Siggy said.

                Rogan glared, shoving the shirt into Siggy's arms. "Do I look like a 90s mom dressing her kids? No, I don't want matching shirts. You like walking in that field behind our Uncle's house."

                Siggy looked at the shirt again. He'd always loved that field behind their Uncle's house, just taking quiet walks in it to clear his head. It was so open, so different than the dark basement he'd spent so much of his childhood locked in. Sometimes Rogan would walk with him, complaining loudly about how they were going to get ticks or how it was too hot out, and Siggy would tell him to shut up as he hid a smile.

                Siggy tucked the shirt under his arm. "I still need a dress shirt."

                Rogan looked happy that Siggy liked his suggestion. He was always trying to find things like that, things that would make Siggy happy and remind him how free he was now.

                "Let's walk back to campus when we're done," Rogan offered as they went back over to the dress shirts.

                "You're the one who was complaining it's too hot out to walk," Siggy reminded.

                But Rogan knew Siggy loved walking out in the open. He liked to breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on his skin. He liked to look at the outside world and take it all in, a sight he could never get enough of.

                "It'll cool down by then. We have a lot of stores left to hit," Rogan said with a shrug.

                Siggy put a hand on Rogan's shoulder, knowing his brother liked physical contact after having been starved of it for so long. Rogan flicked through the shirts lazily.

                "Hurry up so we can go shop for fun things," Rogan said.

                "There's a cinema in here. We can catch a movie," Siggy offered. "I'll pay. Sorry, mom and dad will pay again."

                Rogan grinned. "Deal. Pick a shirt, bro."

                And with Rogan's help, SIggy did. Shopping might not be very exciting, but the two were relieved to finally be able to spend so much time together, no longer needing to hide from the school or their parents. They could tease and taunt and help and heal together, brothers reunited for good. 

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