Prompt #29

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               Prompt: Could you do a Conversion Academy prompt in Emmett's POV when he and Beck were younger. I think it would be really interesting to see the favoritism from his view

               A.N.- I just did his perspective to make things easier! Also I wasn't sure whether to put this under Conversion Academy, or The Only Faith, but I put it here since this was the only story Emmett actually appeared in


               Emmett Townsend pushed open the front door and hurried instead, beaming a smile. He'd gotten a 96 on his most recent test, and he couldn't wait to show his parents.

               "Dad!" Beckett said, catching Ken Townsend by the arm. "Dad, guess what?"

               "What?" Ken said, then frowned and peeked around him. "Wait, where's your brother?"

               Emmett paused and bit his lip. "Um...outside? He wanted to play when we got off the bus."

               Ken budged him out of the way. "Emmett! He's five. You can't leave him outside alone!"

               He pulled the front door open, and Emmett felt relief at the sight of Beckett just playing in the yard. Thank god he hadn't wandered off.

               "Beck, inside please," Ken called.

               Beckett glared, always quick to anger. "I wanna play outside."

               "Later, I promise. Please come inside," Ken said. As Beckett got up from the grass, Ken looked down at Emmett. "You need to walk him inside when you two get off the bus together. Next year you start at the Academy, so he needs to learn to come right inside now. I don't want him to wander off by himself."

               "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Emmett said, and pulled the test out of his bag, eager to stop getting in trouble and start getting praised instead. "Look, though! I got a 96 on that test!"

               "Oh, wow, that's awesome, Em," Ken said, taking the test from him and looking it over. He reached out and ruffled Emmett's hair, and Emmett grinned proudly. "That's really great, Emmett. Good job!"

               Beckett came through the door and dropped his backpack to the ground, looking moody now that he couldn't play outside. He unzipped his bag and handed his folder to Ken.

               Ken opened it and his eyes widened. "Wow, Beckett! A 105? You even got the bonus question right."

               "It was easy," Beckett said, and Emmett felt his heart sink. He knew what came next.

               Sure enough, Ken smiled and ruffled Beckett's hair. "Our little genius, huh? Maybe you can tutor your brother. Get that 96 up to a 100!"

               Emmett dropped his head a little. He knew whose paper would be on the fridge tonight.

               "Here, go show your mom that, Emmett," Ken said, pushing the test back into Emmett's hands. "Beck, great job, buddy."

               "Daddy, my music teacher taught me a new song today," Beckett said. "On the piano. Can I play it for you and mom?"

               "And you memorized it in just one day?" Ken said.

               "I have the sheet music!" Beckett said. "But I can play it."

               "Let's go hear it," Ken said.

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