Prompt #18

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                Prompt: What about a prompt about how Kaz and Beckett became friends? I'd love to see how that plays out

                A.N.- I did this in third person so I could get both their thoughts on the situations instead of just Kaz's


                Kaz Warrick walked through the dining hall, searching for his friends. He was running late to meet them for dinner, having gotten caught up with his homework.

                He rounded the corner to the quieter section of the dining hall, where he spotted his friends at their usual table. He went over, taking a seat with them.

                "What, no food?" Leo said. "Or did you just forget? I wouldn't be surprised if Pete's shit memory was rubbing off on you."

                "Just wanted your opinions on a little idea I had to piss off Sudlow," Kaz said, grinning a little. "His homework assignment inspired me."


                The sharp voice caught their attention and they looked over. A young boy sat alone at a table in the corner, but two young Blues stood over him. They'd smacked his food to the ground and were snickering.

                "Do that again," the Maroon boy challenged, standing up.

                The two Blues took a step back as the Maroon stuck his hand in his pocket. The Maroon had a look of anger on him that startled Kaz.

                And suddenly, Kaz wasn't in Constance Academy anymore. He was back in his hometown, watching a blond boy scream on a bridge. He could remember the anger roaring through Aaron. He'd been drowning for so long that he gave up and let it consume him. He turned his sorrow to fury and lashed out. He became self-destructive and abusive. He beat people because it was easier than trusting them. No one had saved Aaron, and so Aaron had given up on himself and let that restless energy channel itself into violence.


                "Kaz," Mikayla said, voice wary. "I know that look on your face. Don't get involved. It's just kids picking on kids."

                "And if I don't get involved, who will? We're fighting back to protect the Maroons, Mika. I'm not going to shut my eyes just because that Maroon hasn't hit puberty yet," Kaz said, standing up.

                The two Blues were hastily retreating at the thought of whatever the Maroon had hidden in his pocket. Kaz stepped in their path and one of them bumped into him.

                "Oh, sorry about that," Kaz said.

                The Blue just mumbled something out and hurried away with his friend. Kaz approached the table where the Maroon boy had sat back down, looking ready to lash out at anyone who got too close. Kaz was grateful Aaron's violent abuse had left him quick to react to sudden strikes.

                "Who are Daniel and Kyle?" Kaz said, stepping up to the table.

                The Maroon looked up. "What?"

                Kaz tossed the Blues' I.D.s down on the table. "Daniel and Kyle."

                "How did you get those?" the Maroon demanded.

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