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Being Justin Biebers Sister

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yes. I'm Justin Biebers sister,I know. Justin isn't quite someone I'd be proud to call "my brother" . A matter of fact, I hate him. Ever since he's been famous,He blocked me out. Now he's 20. And I just turned 19.  No, he didn't come to my birthday even though he knew that would be the best birthday present I ever had. He said he "was busy in the studio". Next five minutes, he was seen at the club with 3 models next to him. His eyes were bloodshot red. I signed at the fact that he doesn't want to see me.

He missed everything. I mean everything I had dreamed he'd come to.

His excuse was that he was busy but the next hours or minutes later he's found with someone.

On my graduation day, I was extremely exited thinking Justin might come see me. I had 'that feeling'. That feeling actually made my day. But that was until he never showed up. Not even a text back. I knew ; just knew he read it. When I came back from that graduation ceremony, all over the news was him and Selena . They had a romantic dinner and day at the beach.

I thought that he didn't take me as his little sister anymore. Like I'm just ...a nobody in his life.

When he comes to pick up jazzy and Jackson , mom let's me know so I can  say 'hi' but I refuse. I couldn't stand seeing him. Seeing him brings the memories back.

Memories like when before he was famous. Before all this, we were both there for each other.

Every time he got beat up, even though I was his little sister, I would beat the guys helping Justin out.

Justin as my older brother would always be tough with my boyfriends so I could be safe. Not only my boyfriends but guys period. Like an older brother would do.

That used to make me feel like he cared.

Now he doesnt.

A few months ago, I was released from rehab. I was going through bad times. I was all over the news which I got used to because I have a pretty major career also.But what caused all this was mainly my ex who's now in jail.

He abused me badly. I couldn't handle so I secretly took pills to kill me slowly. When mom found out, she called the ambulance to take care of me and this all led up to the root of the main problem.

I still have to Go to court these days. I'm going through trial. I'm trying to get my ex in prison for a longer time.

When mom told Justin, it seemed like she didn't wanna tell me what he said.

I think this because he didn't even say anything. That showed me he really didn't care.

I tried being stronger but I can't always. Staying strong as huge obstacles push you is hard.

I feel better though. Now that I go to therapy classes and rehab everything's been a little easier. I mean, I have my downs and there bad but I'm always forcing myself to heal.

I'm actually on my way to work right now. I work a lot actually. I'm a model, dancer, singer, and most of all an idol.

I like being an idol to people because I know I cheer people up and help them. I send meaningful messages through my work. My fans and mom are really all I got. Jazzy and Jaxon too.

But that's all I needed.

I'm pretty set in life to think about it. I have a nice house...or should I say mansion, but I like having a mansion because I bring a lot of friends over to goof off with. I actually kidnapp them. I have always been that type of person who was all about fun and being a troublemaker. That's how you know I'm related to Justin...even though I find it harsh to believe.

I see a lot of  Justin's bros  like at awards that I'm attending. I see Justin most of the time though at the clubs when I want to go. Every time I see him at a club, I leave.

.....Justin Bieber? Who is He ? I don't recognize that person anymore.

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