You Left Me Behind

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There was smoke everywhere. Justin left me in the middle of the club full of drunk crazy people. I didn't know what to do. Everything was so foggy and dark I couldn't see where the exit even was.

Boys keep on dancing on  top of me and pushing me to have sex with them-- I can't even think. The music is playing way too loud so calling Justin wasn't gonna do much.

I started crying in the middle of the dance floor.

Nobody seemed to notice but this one guy.

"Hey,you alright? You look a little down, do you need me to drive you back to your place or-- do you want to borrow my phone so you can call someone.?" he asked.

Finally. I thought to myself. Someone decent.

I just stare at him to kinda make sure I wasn't imagining this.

I simply nod no .

"Are you sure?" he asks.

I think to myself. Why did I even say no?

He walks a little closer to me to grab my wrist.

He looks a little worried that I might faint or something.

He leads me to these doubled doors that seems to lead to another club outside. There were pools everywhere and tiki bars.  I see lights that are hanging from some poles and a bright blue sign.

"Lure Nightclub" I say to myself.

I knew this was the #1 best nightclub in Los Angles.

The guy turns around and looks at me. I see his hazel eyes with his light brown hair.

He smirks at the fact that I was completely checking him out.

"So, you looked a little scared in there. Where you with someone? Are you sure your Okay,I don't want anything happening to you." He worries.

I find my voice and reply "Yeah,.I was with my older brother. He just left me here,I had no idea what to do- and plus it was too dark in there, I couldn't even breath" I start to chuckle.

He smiles and puts his hands in his pockets with a shy smirk.  "Haha,well, can I take you home?  I mean- you can call somebody to let them know your on your way home."He suggests.

I smile and look up at him. "No calls home, just a ride please." I say.

He leads me off to his car and right when I'm about to hop in, I hear a scream from Justin.

"Mariana No! Don't get in that car Stop!"

Right when I processed what he was saying, a black mask has been put on my head and my wrists were tied together. I was put in the back of a van and it drove off.

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