A New Kind Of Crew

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Hey Lovelies, for those who don't know yet,I have a backup account (@_KingBizzle) just in case something happens to this account and I also have a new book out right now and you should go check it out and tell me what you think...also thank you to @Onecanadianhottie for my amazing book covers.❤

My eyes were covered and I struggled opening them but nothing worked.

I couldn't remember what happened before and why I ended up in a warm moist tub with foil paper keeping my eyes glued shut.

I struggled moving. I couldn't get my arms or legs to move and I didn't feel any of my clothes on. I felt bare.

The Pounding to my heart started beating faster as I thought about all the silence there was, and the eerie creeks I heard peeping all around me.

"Hello?" I said quietly-my voice breaking

I tried moving around a bit more but not one sign of victory occurred.

"Hello??!!" I said a little bit louder;my voice stronger

I started crying

"Hello,is anybody there? please help! Help!" i cried out loud.

"Relax!,relax" The feminine voice told me.

"Its okay,your okay."  I felt her cold hands touch the foil on my face.

She lifted the foil and I saw this women that kept her posture lady-like and brave. Her Curly brunette hair seeped down her back just a little past her shoulder blades and her eyes caramelized when the sunlight touched it.

"I'm Sabrina" she greeted "This is the healing room.I-i heard you got beaten up pretty bad by Annerys huh?" She asked

Just since she brought that bitch-wagon up I hated her already.

"Mhm" I responded.

"What am I in?!-is this candle wax?!" I asked ,freaked out

"Why can't I move?" I asked sternly

She cleared her throat to the attitude I gave her.

"This is a special type of liquid that comes from Thailand's mountains. It hardens for better seal protection on wounds and gives a better boost on relaxing people;relieving stress"

"Do I looked relaxed??! Do in seem relieved?" I yelled

She quickly grew attitude.

"What's the attitude?! Loose it now or I will drown your face in the thickest blood we have" she threatened.

I cleared my throat.

"You certainly seemed more relaxed now than when you had that fuss with Annerys" she said

"How do you know I wasn't relaxed before?" I asked.

"Hasn't Brian told you that there's cameras everywhere? I watch over these cameras,I protect the gang."  she told me.

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