Betrayal Begins War

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"Everyone, go down in the basement, lock yourselves in there and huddle-I need the males protecting the females ..guys get the weapons and keep them near you.Grab Blankets and water and one flashlight per group." Brian ordered.

Everyone ran towards the basement.

Justin grabbed my arm and took me with him. "Justin let go of me" I told him

"uh-uh,I don't care how much you hate me your staying with me-period" He told.

"There's plenty of other guys here, I'll go with another guy and you can go protect another girl!! " I said trying to get a loose grip.

I smirked. "Like Sabrina" I told him.

He gave me the Devil's look.

"I told you your staying with me-your my baby sister and after what we all saw, I'm traumatized and I know you are too." After  Justin Finished that last sentence we heard a loud thump  and the metal doors to the basement locked.

Now I knew why we needed blankets...the basement had to be kept like a freezer, since this is a gang, there's all kinds of things in here. Certain chemicals had to be refrigerated and gadgets, ..I even think there's a body in here which made me grew shivers.

Fredo came along with Justin And Fredo carried Bertinha.

"Justin,leave me, this is incredibly awkward.I hate you" I told him

"Ouch, that hurt,I just wanna protect you, I don't care about any other girl here but you Mariana."

I scoffed and put myself in the blanket. It felt way colder and I buried myself in Justin's  chest.

"mhm, your gonna use me for a warmer after telling me you hate me." he said trying to hide the fact that he was completely hurt and scared.

I felt guilty for what I said and did to him and I had re-runs of the times he tried showing me that  he cared.

I wrapped my arms around his waist tight and rubbed my thumb against his back. I knew that calmed him down.

"Justin, Your a pain in my ass but I love you." I whispered softly.

He smile and hugged me tighter trying to give more protection after the bangs we kept on hearing against the wall.

We all looked around trying to see of there were any cracks in the wall to see if anyone from outside was trying to get in.

"You guys" Grete called.

She showed us a built in drawer  and that's were the thumping came from.

Grete slowly opened It and Alfonso readied his gun.

What came out of the drawer so bitter and cold was a girl. She had dirty blonde hair with blue eyes.

She looked scared and confused.

"Gabrielle is that you?" Annerys asked.

"Oh wow"

"Why are you here?" Sabrina said most definitely pissed off.

"You need to leave get out!" Annerys ordered.

None of the girls defended her. They were all on Annerys and Sabrina's side.

I couldn't defend Gabrielle. I didn't know why they were so mad at her.

The boys just stared. They didn't know what to do.

"N-no" Gabrielle spoke back.

"You betrayed us and whether you like it or not--" Annerys paused.

"Your leaving." She continued.

Gabrielle started crying.

"I never left you guys. I was kidnapped" she spoke truth.

"Oh you little--" Annerys walked up  to Gabrielle and slapped her across her face leaving a mark.

"Hey chill Annerys " I told her.

"Really chill?!!! Did you see that stuff on the computer screens?! She threatened to kill all of us with our printed faces on plastic dolls that were being hung!! She did was your handwriting Gabrielle!"

"n-no it wasn't and if you accept me back in the crew, I'll h-help. I'll help you because I know what they're gonna do." She pleaded.

"And how do we know your not just trying to trick us!?" Sabrina asked.

"Just trust me--"

"Trust you?! No, no trusting , you left us in the middle of a mission. We were all hopeless during that mission. But we found our way out. And if we did it once, we can do it again--without you." Annerys was hurt--you could see it in her eyes

"Tie her up. Arms, legs, and  mouth" Berthinha told.

There was something she knew.

We heard a fast beeping coming from the north side of the wall.

"Get us out of here!! Open the door let's go!!"  Gorilla ordered,

With only the door half way open and a majority of us leaving the room, Gabrielle smirked.

I stopped and gave her a confused look.

Next minute later, we were tricked, The bomb was on the East side of the wall and that's were everyone was headed towards.

I quickly grabbed Justin and struggled to grab him. Everyone flew with the force of the bomb to the opposite side and our bodies clashed against the cement wall.

Some of us kept conscious while others were unconscious

I kept a blur sight and looked around. I didn't see any thing but the thick smoke cutting off our circulation--the smoke was choking us all and we couldn't get a way out.

I knew that whatever were all going through, this would cause  a war between our gangs


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