Struggle With Living

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"This dress is way to tight on me" I complained pulling the end of the dress down so it wouldn't be sticking up my ass.

"I don't think I will be able to feel my body by the time I get this dress off" I complained to myself again.

"Aye  lil mama, get down here "One of the gang members ordered

I scoffed and rolled my eyes at his lack of respect.

"Brian never mentioned the gang members controlling me" I mumbled to myself

"oh yeah?  Well, the gang members can control you" Brian said popping up behind me in the mirror.

"You scared m-"

"Why aren't you down there yet? "Brian asked with fury in his voice tone.

"Maybe because I cant feel my bod--"  Brian quickly pulled me by my hair and I tripped over the carpet.

"Get the fuck up. " He demanded

"I'm not killing you so you could slack commands" He said  reaching down and grabbing me tight around my upper left arm leaving his fat fingerprints on me.

"okay, okay jeesh!" I said leaving the room almost completely out of the doorway until Brian Caught me again.

"Excuse me?!"  He questioned slightly elaborating excuse.

"What?" I was confused

Brian locked his jaw and gave me a tender slap right across my lower right cheek.

My body jolted backwards and my mouth was kept in the shape of an o.

"What was that for?!" I asked in desperate need of an answer.

"While your still living, loose the attitude, the smack talk, the talking back, and learn how to do things quicker." he ordered

I stood up and gave no response.

"Lil mama, why you not down here yet?! " the gang member asked in frustration.

With Brian still eyeing me down the hall, i still managed to roll my eyes when I turned around so he wouldn't see me.

Once I got up to the bottom of the stairs, I see about 5 men, and one girl.

The boys 'ooohed' and that girl eyed me down.

I scrunched my eyebrows and gave her a "what the fuck are you looking at? " look.

She turned her head and kind of sashayed her ass out of the room.

I continued walking into the kitchen awaiting for what the dude wanted.

He sucked his teeth in a pleasing way

"Turn around "he demanded trying to look at my ass.

Being smart, I turned around, a pressed my ass up against the counter.

"Damnn, you just got burned " Alfonso told (gang member)

I turned back around "What are you?, in 4th grade? " I asked Alfonso.

He gave a furious look and then the original douche bag spoke

"I told you to turn around-obviously so I could see your ass-yet, you managed to be a smart ass and prevent that from happening."

"Yes, I am aware of that" I said lying my hands on the counter.

"Do something about it" I told him.

He got up from the stool and walked up to my face, just inches away. His fists were balled up; looking like a gorilla.

"Bro"Justin said looking at the jock.

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