I havent seen you in a while.

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I heard Justin's voice as he talked to mom about his day with his new photoshoot.

He sounded pretty excited to me if That's the case.

I really had to use the bathroom and there was no bathroom in my room so that would mean I would have to go all the way across the hall where I would have to pass Justin which I didn't want to.

I know I promised mom I would spend the whole day with her before i go on tour but I was going to leave if Justin was there. I mean, I didn't even break the promise because I was clearly set up. Clearly.

I felt a little betrayed if that seems alright to say because to me it sounded like mom was taking Justin's side.

Like, I wasn't the one to block my sibling out of my life and basically replace them. Justin was.

I was lying on my bed trying not to pee on myself but I reached a point in where I just had to go.

nervously,I walked out of the room leading to the bathroom until both mom and Justin looked at me. I stopped for a moment still not looking at them ...Justin had a 'look' on his face..not a bad one  but I still managed to try to ignore the stares.

Justin got up from the stool he was sitting on and it looked like he was about to walk towards me;  then I ran towards the bathroom.

"Mariana!, where are you going?!" mom sternly asked.

"Whoops! sorry really got to go to the bathroom bye" I replied leaving.

I took deep sighs when I entered the bathroom and grew relief until I realized I had to go back outside.

I groaned to myself once I heard someone else come in the house and uh well..it was Lil Za.

I figure that I just should leave because this all wasn't gonna work out well for me so I opener the door to walk back out and That's when all eyes laid on me.

I kept walking toward my room leaving to go get my keys until I heard a call. Justin's call.

"Mariana, hey..I-I  haven't seen you in a while " he choked.

My back was still facing him;  me giving no eye contact and I just kept walking away until he grabbed on to my wrist.

Mom and Zay left the room to leave me and Justin alone. It almost seemed like they all set me up.

Justin Turned me around.

"You've grown so much..your so beautiful. I remember when you were just so little and pranking all the neighbors.. it-it seemed like yesterday. " he said.

I said nothing back and let loose from his grip.

He caught on again.

"God damn it!,stop touching me!" I spat.

Justin looked hurt and shocked .

"No. .. I already lost you once, I wont again." he replied.

Goosebumps covered my skin.

"Yes. You will."

"Mariana, please,you haven't even heard what I Have to say--"

"maybe because there is nothing you should say.'

"there is Mariana, there is." "L-let me take you out for lunch..p-pllease I miss you like crazy " he begged.

"No, I hate you."

Not mg best but next chapter is juicy so I Guess you should..

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