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"you hate me?!" "is that really how your going to reject me when I'm trying so hard for you to love me again?  is that how your going to push me away? is that how your going to try to avoid me--?"

"Excuse me?! " I cut off   " Avoid you?! Justin if you just listen to  yourself --you sound so stupid! ,why would I need to avoid you if you're already out of my life? You honestly think I was the one to push you away? because it wasn't me ,it was you that pushed me away.  You haven't been in my  life for 7 years straight. Have  you even thought  about how hurt I was to not have my older brother by my side?"

There was a speck of silence.

Justin didn't know what to say.

"Exactly. " I responded.

Mom came out when she noticed the silence. When I saw her I started walking out the door.

"Mom,don't ever ask me to make plans with you again. My answer will be no."

I shut the door until it was opened again and shut quickly followed by rapid steps behind me.

Justin picked me up by my legs and hung me over his shoulder.

"Justin!! let me fucking go you dumb jerk!" I demanded pounding my fist against his back.

He didn't respond and just put me in child lock inside the car.

Za came in and sat in the back seat.

Justin sped off down the road as I Tried to unlock the door.

"Justin seriously, stop the damn car." I tried to remain calm.

He scoffed at my demands.

"Ha!, sure Okay,I'll just leave you here in the middle of the highway."


He Said pulling over. 

--Or at least pretending to pull over.

Before I knew he was pretending , a sigh of relief washed over.

"What the fuck man?!, you said you were gonna pull over!!" I bolted.

"You really thought I was just gonna leave you?" he responded.

"Ummm not thought -- more of hoping you would" I commented back.

Justin chuckled.

"Okay, you have 30 seconds to stop the car and don't think I'll hesitate to jump out the window." I warned.

"oh shit man, you know she'll do it..stop the car man!!" Lil Za said.

"No. She won't do it, she know she won't." Justin... thought.

I stopped my watch "Times up!"

I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and turned my window down.

That was my warning to Justin . He still never Believed that I really was gonna do it until I popped my head out the window, Leaning myself  out toward the street .

Then Justin started to freak out As to Za who was already freaking out.

"Woah! Woah! Woah! Aye man stop! Stop! Okay!!Okay!!" Justin and Za  screamed rigoriously.

Justin jerked the car and pulled over Immediately holding on to my wrist.

Both Justin and Za's chest were rising up and down rapidly and both of their eyes were wide open.

I crossed my arms across my chest and arched my eyebrow.

" Think Multiple times before you doubt what I do " I corrected.

"Now let me out." I demanded again.


I was surprised at What Justin said and so was Za.

" The Fuck man?! You crazy as hell!,let the damn girl out before she jumps out the window! " Za said.

"I will." I interrupted.

"She won't. " He 'corrected.'

I scoffed

" Ha! umm Yes I will."

"No. You won't."

"Justin. Yes. "

"Nooooope " Justin replied popping the 'p'.

I stared at him.

"And What makes you believe that "Mr. I'm so Perfect" ? "

Justin laughed

"Haha what?" He asked making fun of my remark.

"You heard me"

"Well, just to say, how are you going to jump out the window if it's closed?" he questioned.

i Scrunched my eyebrows together.

"Umm duhhh, just by openin--"

I stopped my sentence when I realized Justin Locked the windows from his controller.

He laughed at my response.

"Mhm" he mumbled.

Justin arrived at a Club.

" What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked.

"Umm correction,  What the fuck are we doing here is what you should ask" he responded.

"I'm not getting down."  I stated.

"Yes you are." He Said coming from the other side of the door dragging me out.

I held onto the car door  for my dear soul.

"Noooooo Justin! I'm serious! I look like crap and I don't like you!"

"C'mon Mariana,  I wanna have fun with my Baby sister  that I love so much and will protect." he said winning the fight pulling me into those dreadful  doubled doors.

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