This Is Your Fault

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He kept me locked up in a basement and came to check up on me every once in a while. I was left tied up in a dark brown wooden chair that creeked every time I moved. I had rusty chains squeezed tight to my wrists and a dull golden light bulb  that hung from the cracked cement ceiling. A pipe was leaking right beside me and the floor became really nasty and soggy.He said I could drink from that water whenever I got thirsty.I scoffed.

I could here some things that happen up there. Some things were loud and sounded deadly. I didn't know why he wanted me. I didn't even know how he knew I was going to that club  with Justin.

"Justin..." I mumble to myself.  I took a breathless sigh. 

I didn't know if I should be mad at him,or miss him. I was scared and hopeless and all I could think about was being in my big brothers arms.

But I feel like I should be mad at him. It was wrong of him to leave me in a club full of drunk people and the crazies. I didn't even know why he thought this was "brother and sister bonding". This was all his fault. Because of him,I'm here in this hell hole questioning myself about everything.

He comes down from upstairs and walks down the half broken steps. He walks over to a dark corner That has a white plastic table and some things on top. He grabs this one thing and walks over to step in the light.

I see a mini knife that looks like it's already been used. I could see the stains of dry blood and the hollow tip resting underneath my chin.

"Where does your brother live?" he mischievously asks.

"Awe,You don't know? Hmmm what a bummer, I thought you knew already. I mean,all you do is stalk him. Not Just him,but hundreds of others too,That's just what you do for a living. Just that same old boring life hidden in the dark." I spoke with sarcasm.

I saw an evil grin grow on his face. "So you think this is funny huh?" I don't reply.

He clears his throat. "Well, it's not so-"  he stopped his sentence with a painful slap across my right upper cheek.  I grunt at his actions.

"So, where is he?"

I don't say anything.

He slaps me again. "Your making things worse for yourself,Not me. So one more time,where does he live?" He asks me for a third time.

I still give no reply,not even a clue.

The door that leads up stairs opened behind him shining a ray of light.

"Sir You have a visitor" his assistant tells him

In that same evil and sarcastic tone he says, "Oh,for me? hmm wonder who this one could be."

He then turns towards me. "Do me a favor." he pauses "please hold this for me" he casually winks and stabs the knife in my lower thigh and walks away.

I scream my ass off and squint my eyes trying to pretend this wasn't real. I pant really hard and try to blow air on my wound.  All I could think about was screaming.  The only thing that I could scream was "What The Fuck????!!!!"

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