Lets Make A Deal

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Hey babies, Happy 4 Of July!!, sorry I haven't updated but you guys have definitely showed more attention and appreciation to this book and therefore I will tooI love youu


He was starting to awake and I felt a bit of relief to know that he wasnt dead. 

His hands and legs were tied up and he had a huge opening right above his right eyebrow and below the crinkles on his forehead.

His eyes opened and squinted from the golden light that was bright to his eyes.

Brian.  That was the guy who kidnapped me. From what he told me yesterday, Justin and Him have hated each other for years and I was the person that Brian Was gonna use revenge on.

I didn't know why it had to be me, why couldn't it have been his bitch girlfriend Selena or even his Fake models?

I was beyond pissed at Justin and as Brian's gang members sat him on the chair next to me, I didn't give him any eye contact at all.

Brian sat on a chair across us and his gang members surrounded every corner standing like army men-not one muscle moving.

Brian gives a little smirk crawling his big dry hands up my thighs.

He knew it bothered Justin so he continued ,this time squeezing them tight.

"Let's make a deal Justin and Mariana. " he suggested.

I look at him to show him I'm listening and he looks at Justin to see if he's willing to listen to the deal as well.

Justin's jaw stays locked and he nods his head quick and looks the other way.

"Justin, its been clear that the reason why I hate you is because you always have taken everything away from me. In the tenth grade you took away my girlfriend, in 6th grade you took my trophy away from when I won the talent show. Once in college you took my spot as being one of the gang members and I was never accepted again.

So now, I'm going to take away your life--slowly ,you'll be held as a hostage. You and Mariana.  Mariana is someone that'll be held hostage for quite a while because she has already witnessed enough. I only took her because I knew you'd come after her and im also keeping her because she's too sexy. Therefore, she's gonna be like my assistant.  You'll do as I say Mariana, as in you'll cook, clean, and sleep with me. You'll do whatever I say or I will kill you, and your family. So the deal is, you work for me, and I wont kill you or your family. Deal? " He threatened.

My lips started rumbling and my breath broke into separate stanzas.

I thought about the deal

"No Mariana, "Justin told me- looking at me with so much care and sorrow.

I got pissed at his words, I didn't want him speaking to me 'nor looking at me ,and especially telling me what my choice should be. So instead, I did the exact opposite of what Justin said.

"Deal" I muttered to him.

"Good"he responded with a devious smirk.

"Now Justin, you have to also live in this house with the rest of the gang members, me, and Mariana. You will be a part of the gang, and rules are very simple, you listen to my commands.  You will be able to have your own room, eat whatever -especially because your gorgeous sister will be cooking , and basically you'll live a normal life, you'll just have to do as I say ,for example ,we will be killing and kidnapping-girls preferably and we will be raping them and drug dealing. If you don't agree with the deal, I will pretend to be you through the phone and tell all the beliebers through your facebook, twitter, and instagram how much you lied about how much you loved and cared for them .Then You'll die.

So will you accept this deal? " he asked Justin

Justin  never hesitated to say "deal".

Brian looked at his crew and they started to untie us.

"By the way, I have people guarding all over the house. "he warned.

"oh and Mariana, you'll be wearing a black short dress thats waiting for you upstairs. put it on"

Justins P.O.V

The crew showed us around. And there was this one gang member that surprised the both of us. 

It was Alfredo.

"Bro, what?? " I asked in disbelief.

"I know, I joined earlier because I needed to help you guys out. Especially Mariana. He's gonna hurt her so bad. He will abuse and rape her. He will torture her. "Fredo said.

My eyes widened . My main concern was getting my baby sister out of here. Especially because this was not her fault.

She didnt deserve to experience this and I was gonna try my best for her not too.

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