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A tall figure stood at the top of the stairs. I can smell the rots of things that lie around the room. He slowly Saunters down the stairs with his arms crossed behind his back and a cheeky grin stitched  to his face.He Comes closely to my ear and pours his hot breath down my neck. I grow large goosebumps. His presence is  eery.

He slowly comes back up from the bottom of my neck, trimming the slightest layer of my skin with a small cutter he kept in between his two front teeth.

Giving me direct eye contact,he backs away from me,turning his slouched back against the hard Cement wall.

I stare at him with fear.  "Tell me Mariana. Tell me what you see." he asks.

My breathing starts to break apart and shiver. I pause for a moment,and think at what I'm suppose to say. What I'm suppose to say ,without saying the wrong thing.

"I-i, I don't know what I see, I mean I'm looking at you right?" That was the part of me I struggled to keep inside, but instead my words just slipped out.

No movement is he giving, no expression on his face, not one thing. 

I start to breathe faster; but not any faster than my heart beating.

He gives a jerky chuckle underneath his breath.He then removes his arms from behind his back and places them over his chest.

He looks at me.

"You wanna be a little smart ass huh? Do you also learn you fucking stupidity from your older brother?!--"

"My brother is not stupid!"I cut off.

He paused.

"He's not?Well if he's not so stupid then why the hell did he decide to take you to the damn club as 'bonding time ' for the both of you?! Why did he leave you all alone a forget about you for several years? Huh? you tell me!.If he isn't so stupid then why-why did he do all of those things? He never even made time with you at that club because instead he was partying with some sluts.Including Selena.

I stare at him in disbelief.

"That's where I come in. I was there to actually make some time with you.To make you feel Important and this is what you give me in response....pathetic. "

I think to myself. "The shit that happens between me and Justin is none of your business. And you weren't there to make me feel all important and shit. You were there to stalk me to get to Justin for your stupid wants!" I respond.

"Watch how you talk to me " "I am here to help you-"

I cut him off "help me? then why are you treating me like this?"

He sighs "Because you need discipline.You are stubborn and you wouldn't understand anything. "

I give no feedback and look away into the dark.

"Tell me again. Look around you, what do you see? " he asks I look around. "Nothing. I just see  pitch black"

He then lies his hand on the light switch and turns it on.

I see something that only breaks my heart into a million pieces. I feel anger and great depression. I didn't know what to say.

My eyes just stared at what lied on the ground all beaten and tied up.

"Mariana, our visitor from yesterday. "





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