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"You thought you got away with this huh? Well you haven't ,you're gonna be in your own misery for the rest of your days." Brian told Gabrielle.

"Mariana, you are no longer my assistant. Gabrielle is. I want You and the crew to go start training now! I want full intense workouts and absolutely no breaks at all.!" Brian ordered.

Ever since the explosion back at where we used to all live we had to move.

Right now, we had to be hidden, undercover. And when I said under, I really mean under.

Brian had built an underground kinda home. He built it a couple of years ago saying he knew he would have to build this because he knew his team would let him down.

I honestly didn't think we let him down. I think he let himself down. He was the one giving us orders and he never let's us in the basement so how the hell were we suppose to know there was a bomb built in? The only one that's really suppose to know is- is Sabrina.

She's the blame for all of this and I certainly wasn't gonna let Brian think Otherwise.

I walked to Brian and blocked his walkway so he would pay attention.

"Get out of my way"

"Brian! this isn't all of out faults, its Sabrina's,why are you punishing all of us when its just her fault?!"

"How-how is this all her fault?" Brian asked.

"She's the camera girl. She watches everything around the house. She's our watch guard and that bomb took more than just a day to be built in. So that can only mean that she's slacking." I told him

He thought to himself for a while

"As you can tell Mariana, that there is no 'I ' in team. When one goes wrong, all goes wrong. It's a team and you guys stick together"  Brian actually sounded decent.

I simply just walked away at his pathetic response. Yeah, its some what a team but we weren't responsible for that.Only she was.

I see that Sabrina now hated me by the way she looked at me now that I "snitched" on her.

I don't even know why they say snitch, we're not in second grade anymore.

Sabrina walks over to the pull up bars and shows off in front of Justin. Justin eyes her body down until Grete interrupts his eyeing exam and asks him to hold her feet down while she does sit ups.

When Sabrina notices he's not looking anymore, she gets down and walks over to me.

"I fucking hate you. You could've gotten me beat up pretty bad by telling Brian you know?"

I shrugged my shoulders and drank my water --Sabrina throws my water and gets up all in my face.

I push her and she falls back clashing her head against the treadmill.

Justin looks over here and walks up to Sabrina with Grete behind.

"What the fuck Mariana?!"

"Don't look at me,she's the one who threw my water" I told him.

Sabrina was bleeding in the back of her neck.

"You kidding me Mariana, why do you always have to mess with the girls for attention? You don't have to act like a total bitch all the time!" Justin yelled pushing me.

I was tired of all the mistreating .

I punched Justin in the face and he reflexed with punching me repeatedly while I was locked onto the ground.

When I got the chance,I kneed him in his manhood and flipped him over so I was the one punching him constantly.

Everyone crowded around and Bertinha pulled me off of him.

Some of the boys held Justin back and Brian walked in.

"What the hell happened?! And Justin what's wrong with your face?" I only gave a couple punches to Justin in his face but I messed it up pretty bad. His lip was cracked and eye was black--i ripped off one of his stitches he had before too.

I think Justin gave me a broken nose and broken lip.

"I got in a fight with Justin" I told him.

"And who won?" Brian asked.

There was silence in the room as if everyone were still processing what Just happened.

"Um it wasn't a fight meant for practicing" I told him.

"So your saying you guys aren't getting along?" He asked me again.

I didn't respond and looked around the room trying to avoid his stupid questions. "Okay then, if you guys won't get along, then you two are now partners. Sabrina, you will now have to find a new partner. You and Grete."

I hated when Brian talks. Now Sabrina hates me even more because I took away Justin from her.

The room cleared out a bit and Justin looked at me sorrowfully.

I walked off and refused to train with him. Brian noticed that m disobeying his orders and walks to me.

He slaps me across the face and pulls me up by my hair.

"Stop! Stop please, don't hurt her." Justin told Brian.

"You don't wanna obey?! Then You'll just face the consequences."

Heyy, sorry I haven't updated I was having a writers block. :\

Hope you guys liked this one, and can you guess what her consequences will be?

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