The Grand Escape of Things

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" I give you King Phillip of-"

"What is going on here!?"

The doors to the privet chamber burst open as the heavy crown was placed upon the young king's head. A large group of armed men stood behind the double doors to the royal study watching the end of the coronation with angry eyes. In the front stood a quivering girl holding a dog who would have run off earlier had it not been for two frightened arms cuddling him.

"Rowen!" As the Captain moved forward so did the captors.

Phillip quickly pushed the crown onto his head. "Rastapopoulous, you are too late. I am now King!"

Rastapopoulous began to stutter furiously. "But- what- why- how is this possible?!"

Rowen let a small smile peak past the scared facade. "That second history book." She let out a shaky laugh. "Phillip you clever devil."

"We're wastin' time! Release Rowen and tell us where Tintin is!" Yelled the Captain.

Rowen's face twisted into a sour look as she clutched the pup closer to her. The Captain picked up on her distress and immodestly began searching for something to say: it was as if rum had now taken his speech altogether. Thompson and Thomson quickly grasp their canes for support. Was he really gone?

"You Yellow bellied coward, I'll-!" Haddox was interrupted.

"Nothing. If you wish that this girl stay away from harm. Your majesty, I request you're entire treasury and a non traceable means of departure. Until then, I shall take this desert flower with me."

The Professor looked puzzled, "desert power? There is little to no power supply in the desert. "

"Why don't you just take the treasure off the ocean floor?" Asked Thompson.

"Or more precisely take your sub to the ocean floor?" asked Thomson.

"It's on the floor itself now." Sobbed Rowen.


However, Rowen was slightly off.

Tintin was so close to freedom he could feel the sand under his feet. The rusty pipe which held his hands above his head was giving way and the water had flowed much slower onto the sun than anyone could have expected.

With one last mighty tug at just the right angle, Tintin was free. He waded through the thigh deep water to the door. The pipe was the perfect tool to break the glass. Sliding both cuffed hands or the hole he was able to pull the handle just enough to escape through the heavy door.

"I must find a way to the surface, I must find a way. I must- the Professor's sub!" Tintin raced about the doomed sub in a desperate search. 'Ah ha!"

He quickly climbed in and set his sites on the surface. Twenty minutes of air left. Yet, it was a risk he was willing to take.

'Don't worry Snowy, Rowen. I'm on my way. Rastapopoulous, you've messed with the wrong reporter."


"No , Snowy. Stay with the Captain and the Professor." Called Rowen as she was dragged out of the royal library.

Snowy began to whine and scratch at the doors. Everyone stood bewildered and befuddled. Phillip quickly sent guards after them but they returned with disturbing news that the entire crew had disappeared.

"What will we do now?" Asked Captain Haddox.

"No Captain, a cow can't help Rowen now," replied the Professor, " we must attack! Use brut force! We- well - we must...oh dear. I'm not sure. That poor girl. And poor Tintin."

Two guards stumbled into the room and fell right in the middle of the group.

Snowy quickly took the opportunity and slipped out the open doors.

"What is it?" Asked King Phillip.

"There's a boy outside. He's demanding to see you. He's soaking wet. He has this strange red hair-"

Haddox interrupted the two men,"that's Tintin!"

"Bring him in immediately!"

The Professor rebutted,"We mustn't waste time! Let us go to him!"


Down at the palace gates Tintin stood arguing with two guards.

"For the thousandth time, the Prince is in danger! My friends are-"

A loud voice disrupted the raving of the red hair boy. "Keep going Snowy! I'm right behind you!"

From behind the gates, Snowy came bursting out: he was closely followed by Rowen. Tintin reached for his beloved canine companion and ended up on the ground, flat on his back. The weight quickly scrambled off him.

"Tintin! You're alive!" Rowen jumped back atop him. Hugging him so tightly he could hardly breath. Snowy licked Tintin's face lovingly as the sound of footsteps drew closer.

"How did you escape?" Asked Tintin.

"I left Snowy with the The Captain and the Professor and somehow he managed to get around them and he sent Rastapopoulous' men packing. Then I ran into you my dear Tintin." Rowen said with a witty smile.

"You're so wonderful," blurted Tintin. Both quickly became red in the face.

"I found her. And Tintin is with her!"

"We must hurry and come up with a plan. The scepter must be returned to the prince." Rowen stated as she pulled him to his feet.

Rastapopoulous' men poored around the open gates as two stunned guards coiled back. Tintin grabbed Rowens hand and off they went into the town below seeking shelter from the approaching fight.

Captain Haddox spotted the two from the slamming gate. A part of him was disappointed he was unable to reach his friends in time. Yet, a wave of mischief and relief crashed upon him. Tintin was alive. And he would have a plan. 

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