Knight in Shiny Armor

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I jumped from the bed in a fright. The lights were still on and the professor seamed unaware of the loud noise. I crept toward the door. In a flash, it swung open and many men hurried inside. One grabbed the professor and hauled him from the room. Two restrained me and the rest began to move the professors invention.

"I demand to know what's going on!" I declared.

"We're moving out. Shipping off you could say." Replied one scruffy man.

"I will not! Let me go!"

One of the men covers my mouth as another tied my hands. "Your needed for another project first."

After all the pieces of the invention were out of the room. The men began to drag me up a flight of stairs. I tried to resist and made a few good hits but the two of them against a tied up me were horrid odds on my side. A loud clanging was heard atop the steps as we neared  the exit. The sounds of men falling and a dog barking gave me a pang of hope.

"Move the girl! Chang of plans. Get her to the-"
The man running from the up stairs was silenced.

"Captain! I'm going down here. Take snowy and help the police."

"Tin-" I was again muffled be a big brute.

"Take her. I'll kill him."

This time I went ballistic. I pulled the pocketknife from my pocket and cut my ropes in a snap. I flipped my captor over my back onto another man. One pointed his gun at me but I kicked it from his hand. He jumped me. Knocking me to the ground. I recovered and kicked his feet out from under him. He took down the other two me where were trying to stand back up. They lay a groaning mess.

Smiling triumphantly, my feet turned to march to the stairs and stopped. The mob boss was pointing a pistol at my temple. He looked angry.

"Where is Rastapopoulos?"

"I-I don't know." I raised my hands above my head.

"Don't lie to me! Where is he?! Tell me?!"

I noticed a price of paper sticking from one mans pocket. I slowly side stepped to him and pulled it out. It was a note from Alan. It asked to give certain coordinates to a ship captain.

"It says there leaving by car out the back for Florida to catch a boat." Now I knew it didn't say that but I didn't want this crazed man to go anywhere near the professor.

"Good. Now you can die-"

"Get back!"

Tintin appeared in the stair well doorway. The breath of air I had held in slipped from my lips. The mob man swung me I front of him. My back to my only hope.

"One more step and I'll shoot!"

"No you won't."

"I will"

"You can't," mused Tintin. I was beginning to think he was slightly mad. "It's not loaded."

With and outraged cry them man fired the gun. Only a click noise echoed in the empty hall. He dropped to his knees, defeated. A small sound of metal clanged over to me. I turned to see Tintin in a knights suit of armed. He looks fearless, courageous and a little dated.

"My hero," I smiled.

"A knight in shining armor," he smiled, leaning on his sword and taking a slit bow.

Snowy bound down the stairs in an ecstatic mood.

"And you white steed." I giggled, pulling the pup into my arms.

Snowy looked at me strangely before licking my face.

"Your alive! I told you she's be fine! A tough girl like Rowen!" Boomed Haddox.

Tintin blushed a tad at those words.

"I said no such thing."

"Course ya did! He's been worried sick since we returned. He barged into your room when you didn't answer and found that random note. All night he pondered a plan. Bound and determined to save you." By this point the blush was much more obvious.

"Thank you, knight." I hugged him.

"Any time, malady."


"Great snakes!" Exclaimed Tintin.

The three of us hand left the mob center and decided to pack for home. I was terribly worried about the professor. Especially since Rastapopoulos had the blueprints. I had expressed my concerns for my friend and we decided to decide about it as we gave testimony at the police station. When I was over they asked how we'd like to get home. I remembered the coordinates and handed the to Tintin in a hurry.

"What is it, my boy?" Pressed Captain.

"They're the coordinates for Red Rackham's treasure."

"But it's lying at the bottom of the sea. They'd mover get to it before us."

"Oh yes they will,"'I frowned.

All eyes turned to me.

"What do you mean Rowen?" Questioned Tintin he sat down beside me and grasped my hand as I began to cry.

"The professor. The invention is a submarine. Not any regular one. One that can withstand pressure greater than the sea floor. And he's gone. It's gone."

"No it's not! It can't be. I promise Rowen, with every bone in my body, we will find them. And save your friend."

I smiled at the boy. His intentions were courageous and caring but it may not be enough. Rastapopoulos was a ruthless man who would do anything for treasure. I sighed and began to drum my fingers against my cheek as snowy licked my elbow. He quickly jumped back when Tintin ran back from where he'd been speaking with the Captain.

"We'll take a cruise ship that's heading that very same way. The detectives will meet us there. The trip is paid for and we need to hurry. Boat leaves in three hours from a Florida port."
Tintin exclaimed as he dragged me out the door.

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