Intruder Alert!

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At first, I presumed it was only the wind bashing the window, but then I noticed the unmistakable breathing sound. Before the foot steps could get any closer I screamed. My screams could wake up a dead man thirty miles away.

The intruder first locked the door before coming after me. I tried to roll out of bed but the sheets became tangled around my feet. He was quick to pull a gun on me. Outside the door I could hear foot steps pounding down the hall.

"Alright." The man rasped. He moved closer to me, until I was hobbled into a corner. My only disadvantage spot.

"I need the papers."

"I gave them to a friend."


"Rowen!" Called Tintin from outside the door. "Are you alright?"

"Not rea-" the man placed a hand over my mouth.

"Is that your friend?"

I recalled placing the papers into Tintin's bags before we left. I didn't answer.

"I guess that's a yes."  He cocked the hammer on his gun.

"We're coming in! I suggest you get out now!" Called Tintin.

Oh no! I bit down on the mans hand hard enough for a crunch.

"Don't! He's got a gun! He'll-" he slammed me into the wall.

"I'll kill her!"

I kneed him in the gut and he dropped the gun. Plucking up the weapon I slung it out the open window. He staggered up and hit my left leg. The pain tracked up my spine and, for a second, paralyzed me. The ground hit hard and fast as he pounced one me. A knife glimmered in his hand.

"What's going on?! Don't hurt her!" Called Tintin again. Each time more anxious.

"What do you want?!" Asked the Captain.

"The papers she was carrying."

"I don't have them with me. If you'll let her go I'll take you to them." Thank goodness Tintin isn't against lying. The papers where my life right now.

"No deal."

Panic over took me and I began to squirm.

"I don't know..." He trailed off. "I'll trade. Me for her. She's hurt and won't get you anywhere fast. I know exactly where they are."

The world was silent as a mad man contemplated our fate.


"No" I tried. The man covered my mouth again.

"Open the door. Please."

"Don't sound so desperate kid. I'm coming." He pulled me up and yanked an arm behind my back. The knife lay carelessly on my neck. It only left long enough for him to unlock the door. "It's open."

Before the words left his mouth, Tintin pushed open the door. Behind him stood Captain Haddox, who was holding a very angry Snowy, and Nestor. A little father back was Madame Castafiore and a maid of hers.

"Let her go."

"Step in. Close the door."

Hesitant at first, he looked at me. I tried to shake my head but a sharp cut on my neck jumped my head back. So, slowly, the brave boy closed the door an relocked it. When he turned back around the intruder shoved me to him. Tintin scooped me up and sat me on the bed.

"Let's go kid."

"Her wound is open and her neck is bleeding."

"Let's go!"

"I won't leave till it's properly rewrapped!"

The man nodded.

Tintin grabbed the wrap from beside my bed and asked me to hold up my night gown up to my knee. As he wrapped, something slipped beside me on the bed. A metal rod slipped up my sleeve while the last bit of tape was place on my bandaging. Wile he treated my neck, Tintin gave me a soft smile and a nod toward my sleeve. I smiled back and gave a quick wink.

The big man grabbed Tintin by the shoulders.

"Don't follow, or I'll cut this boys funny hair off." He pushed Tintin toward the window.

The world slowed, I got up, sliding soundlessly across the floor. Heart rate increased, sounds became static and my hands began to perspire. Elbows bent. Hands above head. Eyes closed. Swing. Thud!

Someone grabbed the rod from my hands. My eyes peaked open to see a stupidly large smile on the young mans face.

"That was brilliant!" He exclaimed.

His arms grabbed my waist and he swing me around in circles. After a few moment, we collapsed in a heap of laughter, just happy to be alive.

"How did you get that rod?" I asked, from my seat on the floor.

"I brought it from my room when I heard you screaming bloody murder." He replied.

"And the trade! That was so brave of you!"

He blushed a bit. "A pret- you shouldn't- I didn't want you to get hurt."

"None of us did. Now open the door so I can kick this sour faced assassin while his down!" Raged Captain Haddox.

We came out of the room. I was still holding onto Tintin's arm as if life depended upon it, yet, he didn't complain.  Madame Castafiore pulled the two of us into the dimly lit parlor. The whole way fussing over us and trying to persuade me to put on a robe and fuzzy slippers. Nestor hurried off to phone the police while Captain Haddox tied the man up.
Thundering foot steps burst through the parlor doors, causing me to cling tighter to snowy, who now sat in my lap. The Captain began flinging around some paper in Tintin's face.

"Look! Tickets for a flight! Three of them! And look! Look here! A note!" He bellowed.

"Great snakes!" Exclaimed Tintin, as he snatched them from the captains hands.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The note is...about you. It's a note saying you ran off to...Brazil! Even I know that's rather fishy."

I placed a hand on his shoulder. "Not if you knew me."

"Then let me know you," he asked softly.

"Perhaps after we've saved the world."

He paused a moment before nodding his head. I had a feeling I'd  have to tell my story sooner than I'd hoped, though.

"The police are here, Sirs and madams." Informed Nestor.

"What are you going to tell them this time?" Asked Tintin.

"Just watch and learn."

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