Injection and a Boat

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Allen left me in a small hut with a bald man and tons of lab equipment. Bald man, named Doctor Crowspell, had sunglass, a crazy looking Hawaiian shirt and a long needle. Inside the needle was a strange yellow liquid. As Carreidas was tied to a chair by Rastapopoulos the man approached deviously from the side.

"You won't get one word out of me!" Carreidas yelled. "Owe!" The needle had struck.

For about an hour they stuck poor Carreidas with the truth serum only to get the same result. He would ramble off a few answers then tell a story about them. Rastapopoulos was becoming very angry. The two men would squabble a bit then decide to stick Carreidas' arm again. Eventually leading to the cycle starting over.

"Forget him! Prick the girl! I need to find those papers anyway." Rastapopoulos sighed.

"No! No please don't!" I begged as Crowspell injected the liquid.

For a moment nothing happened, then I felt my self slip in to an odd state. I could understand what I was doing but had no real control. The serum had reduced my mind to that of a child or at least child like.

"Now tell me, where are the paper!?" Rastapopoulos shouted.

"There- there in-" think fast Rowen! "In a safe place." I smiled to myself.

"Arggggh! Crowspell!"

"Her resistance is greater boss um-"

"Why you- ouch!" Rastapopoulos had hit the needle with his elbow and injected part of the liquid into himself.

"Your such a bad man," I giggled.

"Huh! Him bad? I'm the baddest." Carreidas laughed.

An argument arose between the two. They began to state horrid things they'd done. Ruining there parents, knocking off siblings and other ghastly crimes rang fourth. I looked to Doctor Crowspell for help. He only shrugged. Suddenly Rastapopoulos began to cry and Carreidas began chanting "I'm the baddest!" Crowspell pulled me from my chair and bolted for the door. As the wood swing open we fell onto two familiar faces and a furry friend.

"Help! The boss had gone crazy! You've got to help me." Crowspell pleaded.

I began to giggle from my seat on Tintin. I rolled of him and kissed his cheek, still not fully in control. "Thank you for coming to the rescue. Mr White Knight."

Captain Haddox began to laugh as they brought the doctor and I back into the hut. Once inside, I began giggling, Rastapopoulos was still crying, Doctor Crowspell was pleading for help and Carreidas was still chanting "I'm the baddest."

I handed Haddox a roll of medical tape. He looked to Tintin for approval and received a nod.

"I'm the baddest." Captain smiled once all the men were tapped and tied up.

I began to giggle again. I quickly tried to burry not face in Snowy's soft fur as he wiggled in my arms.

"Tintin, do I-"

"No captain. She'll come with me. Won't you Rowen? And also be quiet for...uh- Mr. White Knight?" Tintin asked.

I nodded.

We began to head to the beach where a speed boat was being guarded by Skut. Along the way, Carreidas and Rastapopoulos got into many fights which ended with Captain Haddox being kicked in the shins.

"We have to hurry," Tintin urged. "The men could be around any- get down!"

Gunshots rang through the hot air as Tintin pulled out group behind a large rock formation. Snowy began barking like crazy and ran off to the beach. I tried to follow but Tintin grabbed my arm in reassurance. Suddenly, I became dizzy.

"Tintin," I yelped over his and the Captains gun fire.

"What is it Rowen?" He asked before returning fire.

"I don't feel well and-" I rolled over to face the tied up men and noticed one missing. "Rastapopoulos I escaping!"

"Captain. Go after him." But it was already to late.

"What do we do now?!" Hollered Captain.

"Take Rowen an the men and go! I'll catch up."

"Tintin, no," I tried.

"Your sick and the Captain is out of bullets. If you hurry I'll catch up to you before you reach the boat." I didn't see the logic in his word but I allowed Captain Haddox to pick me up anyway.

We raced down winding hills and jumped off steep rocks. Luckily, Skut signaled us from the shore. Snowy sat inside the tiny boat with a confused expression as our group boarded.

"Where is Tintin." Asked Skut.

"Hopefully, coming. Here. Take Rowen. I'll-"

"Get in the boat!" Yelled Tintin.

He was tumbling and running down a rough hill. We hurriedly clambered in just as Rastapopoulos and his men arrived. Tintin and Skut pushed the boat into the ocean as I helped the Captain start up the motor. Soon we were out to sea with the angry gun fire behind us.

"What now?" I asked groggily.

"You should rest. They serum did a number on you." Tintin whispered.

I leaned my head onto his shoulder, closed my eyes , but could not sleep. Instead I listened.

"Wow. She's out of it!" Commented Captain.

"Yes. She do this often?" Asked Skut.

"I'm not sure. It's my second day knowing her for real." Tintin sighed.

"And she gave you a kiss on the cheek. How sweet." Cooed Haddox.

"She wasn't in her right mind."

"But she was using some part of her mind."

The boat was silent. Waves crashed against our adrift vessel.

Skut finally spoke. "For the first time for real?"

"Well, yes. I know who she is. I've red her work in some magazines and other publishing places. She writes amazing short stories and was even working on novels at one time. I guess I read her work so much, I feel like I've meet a part of her." Tintin replied enthusiastically.

"Look there! A plane." Exclaimed the Captain.

"Hurry and untie those two!" Ordered Tintin.

"What about you laddie?"

"I don't want to wake her. She seams more peaceful when she sleep. Like all he troubles fade into lost memories."

"Where did you hear such poetry?" Asked Skut.

"It's one of her writings."

Turns out he knows me better than I thought. That could be dangerous for the both of us.

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