Finding all that treasure

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"Who-," I slugged the man, "-in the blazes-," I stomped on his foot, "-do you-," slap, "-think-," punch, "-you are!"

The man lay several feet from me, unmoving, as I tried to regain my breath. Mentally patting myself on the back I took the knife from the sailers loose grip and began to saw away at the ropes restraining Tintin. His face was pale and surprisingly calm with the welp upon his brow. 

A few heaves and an oops or two landed him into one of the chairs in the room. Icy rain water was useful in caring for the wound. Some time through the process mumbles filled the room.

"R-Row...," his voice came out soft like a child's.

"I'm right here Tintin. Don't move. I've got-"

"Tintin! Answer me you land lubber! Rowen! Tintin!!!" Cried the Captain.

His voice shook me to my feet. I kicked the man on the floor once in the head, just in case, and ran to the door. I jumped out right infront of the blue sweatered man. 

"Blue blistering-!"

"Quiet,Captain, please!" I hushed.

"Oh-uh well- thank goodness I found you. I did as I was told and took the sonar scan from Rastapopoulos. I threw all the bullets from the camp into the sea. They were all too drunk to tell I wasn't one of them. I did untie this prisoner, though. Now I've got some crazy old cook following me-" he was abruptly cut off.

"Excuse me Captain Haddox, but it is very rude of a guide to leave the one he's guiding. Very rude indeed." Interrupted Calculous.

"Professor!" I squealed happily.

I ran around Haddox and took the small man into my arms. For a moment me muttered about his hat but eventually hugged me back.

"You know him?! Figures." Grumbled the Captain.

"Oh dear!" I exclaimed. "Tintin is knocked out cold inside and there's a man beaten badly on the floor-"

"Not any more." Came a groggy voice.

Tintin stood leaning against the door way. His face dripping sweat and knees so week they knocked together.

"Tintin!" I hurried to help him and the four of us walked into the control room.

"Sit and don't move!" I ordered, placing him back in the chair.

"But I need to steer-"

"I can steer a ship lad. And Rowen can help with coordinates. I believe she can read a sonar scan." Captain Haddox replied kindly.

"Absolutely!" She smiled.

After a few hours of rough seas and the occasional lightning bolt, they had positioned themselves about 7 miles from the wreckage of the unicorn.

Rowen went below deck with the Professor and helped uncover his creation. The sub was magnificent. A two seater with three jets and the latest in steering technology. The outer layer looked identical to a shark and was even able to open its mouth.   

The pare opened the deck hatch and lowered several cables. Attachment to the sub was difficult but quickly sorted out. Once the machine was on deck they radioed to Thompson and Thomson. The fishing trawler was headed there way.

"Well. Isn't this exciting?" Smiled Tintin. He sat himself next to Rowen as they looked out at the calming ocean.

"Yeah." She grinned back.

Silence surrounded them as they simply enjoyed each others company.

"I'm glad I was shot on your door step." She quickly blurted out.

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