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The Adventures of Tintin : Secret of the Unicorn by kawaiicardi101
The Adventures of Tintin : Cardia Kyser
Following from the 2011 film by Steven Speilberg, Tintin finds an infamous model ship called the Unicorn at the flea market of his hometown, Brussels. He meets an Englis...
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  • snowy
  • stevenspeilberg
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Dumbledores daughter and the marauders by 7Justdealwithit7
Dumbledores daughter and the 7Justdealwithit7
Hi, my name is Alice Kate Dumbledore. Being the headmasters adopted daughter has it's perks and it's been great meeting everyone as they come and go, pranking people and...
  • snowy
  • werewolf
  • moony
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WingedWolves: Rising Legends [Book #1] by IcyPawz
WingedWolves: Rising Legends [ IcyPawz
"Everything was first calm and peaceful, but now the first legends are born and the time has come for all WingedWolves to face the Rising Legends" The Dragon o...
  • winged
  • wingedwolves
  • wolves
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Tintin x Reader by bluestars484
Tintin x Readerby ObliviouslyLost
Hello! This is my first story, so I'm not sure on how this might turn out. Sorry if there's no description, I'll work on it later. So just read on to find what the story...
  • snowy
  • tintin
  • xreader
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The Abused Mate by silverstream21
The Abused Mateby silverstream21
Sapphire is a werewolf teenager who can talk to the Moon Goddess herself. She can also talk to animals. She is a servant for her pack and get locked in the dungeon for p...
  • sapphire
  • magic
  • lilly
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The adventures of Tintin the secret of the Unicorn (with old friend Annie). by CLBrierley
The adventures of Tintin the C.L.Brierley
Annie is one of the oldest friends of world famous journalist, and detective, Tintin and his witty and loyal pooch Snowy. When she moves into his apartment building she...
  • fanfiction
  • tintin
  • theadventuresoftintin
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Tintin x reader one shots! by grif2013
Tintin x reader one shots!by grif2013
Come on in and give some requests! All requests welcome, but I will not write sexual content.
  • fanfiction
  • haddock
  • captainhaddock
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The Curse of Koning Moordenaar (adventures of titnin sequel) by magicar
The Curse of Koning Moordenaar ( Fanfiction Queen
Abigale and Tintin have settled down, and have prepared to live a normal life. One filled with Snowy jumping in fields, and a couple of little ones chasing after him. A...
  • sequel
  • tintin
  • captainhaddock
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Snowy Misfortune by HollowRain3
Snowy Misfortuneby HollowRain3
The rebels find themselves on a snowy planet to restock on supplies. Ezra, as usual finds trouble again, and again. But this time he may have gotten too deep. Now it's u...
  • ezra
  • misfortune
  • snowy
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The Deadly Beauty ~ Part 2 by whiterose211
The Deadly Beauty ~ Part 2by whiterose211
Since Wattpad wouldn't let me go more than 100 chapters for my story I decided to put up a sequel for The Deadly Beauty and here it is:D
  • beautiful
  • its
  • engagement
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Reporter and the Photographer SHORTS by magicar
Reporter and the Photographer Fanfiction Queen
More Abigale and Tintin shorts until I come up with a plot for the sequel!
  • snowy
  • haddock
  • adventures
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Together (Tintin fan fiction) Story 2 by Marie_42
Together (Tintin fan fiction) Marie_42
For the past year Ella and Tintin and many friends have been solving many mysteries. Tintin begins to worry for Ella's safety, should he stop all this and have a more ca...
  • ella
  • haddock
  • snowy
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Drawn To You: A Tintin Fanfiction by WarriorBlessedstar
Drawn To You: A Tintin Fanfictionby Zena Azodnem
This story is currently on hold. Emma is an aspiring young artist searching for her purpose in life. The last thing she expects is for a certain investigative journalis...
  • love
  • thomson
  • suspense
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𝙎𝙉𝙊𝙒𝙔 𝙊𝙒𝙇 𝙁𝙀𝘼𝙏𝙃𝙀𝙍𝙎 | MISC. by snowwayowl
A COLLECTION OF RANDOM STORIES AND THINGS that will probably never be finished, but they are stories and things that I still want to share. *** This book will include on...
  • lupin
  • magic
  • stories
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Tintin Oneshots. by Youngwritergirl2
Tintin Youngwritergirl2
Hello my beautiful people. I decided to randomly make this because I was bored and sometimes ideas for short stories pop up in my head. Requests are welcome, although I...
  • tintin
  • snowy
  • adventure
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Stars in Rainbows [LGBT Story] by Keith_Kogane
Stars in Rainbows [LGBT Story]by Keef
I love her. She loves me. She is an adventure and she's just dragging me along. I'm okay with that. (I do not own any of the songs posted in the chapters, they belong to...
  • snowy
  • slightromance
  • girlxgirl
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|Soulmates to the Stars| Tintin x Reader | by Lone_Lunar
|Soulmates to the Stars| Tintin Lunar Eclipse Moon
A "The Adventures of Tintin" x Reader story. You and Tintin are two well known journalists. You are Tintin's lucky girlfriend and partner in the mystery indus...
  • fanfiction
  • snowy
  • unicorn
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Tintin and Anne by Wolfgirl1029
Tintin and Anneby Wolfgirl1029
Tintin and Anne have been best friends since forever . They go off on an adventure with his dog snowy and their feeling for one another change or grow ? . What will happ...
  • unicorn
  • snowy
  • tintin
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The Adventures of Tintin. (fan made) by Barnouts
The Adventures of Tintin. (fan The Silver Slime
I've always loved the movie and it's one of the few I could watch over and over and over again without being board of it. Now i'm a story teller and with every movie I l...
  • drama
  • tintin
  • snowy
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