A plan and a past

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"We're taking what?" I asked. Hoping for another answer.

"A fishing trawler. Don't worry it's perfectly safe." Tintin smiled.

"I don't know Tintin-" I was cut off.

"What in blazes is this!" Cried Captain Haddox.

He was storming onto the ship with the two detectives is meet earlier that week at Tintin's apartment building.

"Hello Tintin," they said simultaneously. "Hello miss Macy."

I giggled a bit. "Call me Rowen. Macy is my middle name."

"Very well." They exclaimed again.

"Where are we off to?" Asked the trawlers Captain.

"And island about 200 miles from here. But I warn you sir, there will be people there when we arrive. We cannot be seen by them. They could kill us all." Morbidly replied Tintin.

"Glad he told us that earlier" frowned the detectives sarcastically.

As the man walked off to prepare for shove off, I pulled Tintin aside. "What's the plan this time?"

The others crowded around to here. W each listened intently to his words and nodded every so often to show they were keeping up. I watched it play out in my head and shuttered at the parts I watched it go horridly wrong. By the end of the layout each of us leaned back with a solum expression etched into our face.

"I know this seams crazy. But-"

"By nothing!" I cut Tintin off. "This is crazy but I don't see any other option. We must find the professor. I must find the sunken ship. I-" everyone was staring at me.

My feet flew across the wooden deck as I raced for the tiny bunk room I had been given. The door slammed shut behind me. I curled up upon my bed and snuggled into he blankets.

The task ahead lag heavy upon my shoulders. Tears silently slipped from my eyes. My brain turned itself inside-out trying to come up with a suitable explanation. Nothing came.

A slow knock came from the door. "Rowen... Let me in...please."

Tintin's soft voice soothed the fear inside me as I shuffled to the door. My hand clicked the knob open and I pushed the heavy door back.

We looked at each other for a while. His face showed lack of sleep. Sadness and worry swirled in his eyes. His eyes...

"Talk to me." He placed a firm hand upon my shoulder.

"...Come in."

We sat on the little bed and remained silent only a moment.

"I certainly didn't mean to upset you! I know it's been tough and your only parent figure is gone. This sounds stupid but I just wanted to make this as easy as possible on you. You've been looking so tired and out of touch lately. Its probably my fault but-"

My arms threw themselves around his torso. After a moment if hesitation,he pulled me close. Nestled into him, I began to mumble.

"When the Unicorn went down, a very precious cargo was lost with it. The king of France was moving about so he trusted his most valuable possession, the royal scepter, to his most loyal naval commander. That scepter is still considered, by law, to be the determining factor of the King of France. When the ship was lost and King Louis XIV died there was not a really secure way to determine the rightful ruler, at least in the people's mind."

I sighed as Tintin began to rub circles on my back. "My father worked for his most recent decent as a touter. Young prince Phillip and I where friends. He once told me that he would do anything to prove to his people he was worthy to be king some day. When father died and I moved in with the professor, Rastapopoulos captured us and demanded a device to get him safely to the bottom of the sea so he could steal the scepter."

Silence covered us as Tintin whispered, "Wow... I guess we have to save the prince then. Change of plan!"

"What?" I asked pulling from his embrace.

"We won't just save the professor and find the treasure but we'll get the scepter back where it belongs!"

"Really!?"I smiled.

"Absolutely! It will make a great story." He said slipping out the door. I could jus make out. "I'd do anything for you."


Around dusk, the small fishing trawler reached the island. We spotted a ginormous ship upon one side so we slipped around to the other. The boat dropped anchor and we dropped into dinghies to set off for the shore.

The sand felt damp against Tintin's old shoes as I helped his the tiny boats in the brush thicket near the beach. For a while our group of three trotted along the edge of the forest until we heard drunken hoots and hollers.

"This is where we split. Captain be careful being near so may men. Let's go Rowen." Tintin grasp my hand in the dark sending a small chill up my spine. Odd.

Rastapopoulos' ship was easy as pie to board. No men guarded the entrance and the campsite was far enough from the ship so we went on undetected.

"This is where we split up I'm afraid." I frowned.

His hand held mine tighter. "Be careful."

"Aren't I always."

I could hear the eye roll. He slowly released my hand and ran for the control room. As the empty darkness began to chock me, I puffed up my chest and set out to look for Rastapopoulos' hence men.


Thirty minutes and two encounters later I raced up on deck. The control room had a single light on and the door was slightly ajar. My foot steps quickened. My hands shook from the tiny, cold sprinkles of ran they had begun to fall.

"Tintin?" I whispered peeking in.

A rough hand yanked me in by my hair.

"Close sweet heart," laughed a rusty voice.

A small lantern illuminated Tintin in the corner. A knot was forming on his temple and his hands were tied to one of the pipe lines.

"You worthless-" a slap cut me off.

Anger swelled inside my chest. I hadn't found the professor. It had begun to rain. Tintin was out cold. And he decides to slap me. I was going to kick his -

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