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After smooth talking my way around the police, the Captain, Tintin and I packed any possessions we had and headed to flight 714. Why? The tickets were for three seats the same flight. The departure time was four in the morning so we had little time to pack. Nestor have me some clothes and extra socks. Madame Castafiore insisted upon me taking one of her dresses.

"Take this," Tintin slipped me a large switch blade.


"It's just in case. For protection."

I nodded slowly. Not really wanting to be caught with such a thing on a plane. I slipped it into an X-ray bag my friend had given me and hoped for the best.

The three of us and snowy were now barreling through the airport as we watched our luggage being loaded onto the plane. But before we reached checkin, Captain slammed into someone. Both men lay dazed on the floor for a moment, before the crowd began to move again. Tintin and I hired to help them up.

"Thank you little lady." Smiled the man with an accent I couldn't quite place.

His hair was sandy blonde and a pat he covered his left eye. The neat uniform suggested he was a pilot.

"Skut!" Exclaimed Tintin.

"Tintin! Captain Haddox! Good to see you both. Who is your friend?" Skut asked.

"Rowen pleasure to meet you." I shook his hand.

"What are you doing here?" Asked the Captain.

"I'm flying a privet plane owned by Mr. Carreidas."

"The millionaire who never laughs?" I questioned.

"Yes. Here he comes now."

A shot, stout man came slouching over. His nose was long like a witch and his clothes resembles that of a homeless man, just without holes. Another man came up with him. A tall, scrawny man with a permanent scowl line and red hair.

"This is Mr. Carreidas and his secretary Mr. Spalding. "

"Hello," tried Captain as he attempted to shake hands.

"No! No germs!" Squirmed mr. Carreidas.

I suddenly noticed a twenty dollar bill behind his ear. I imagined what my deaf friend would do and went for it. Despite Mr. Carreidas and the wide eyed expressions of my group, I pulled the bill out and waves it in the air.

"Presto!" I smiled.

For a moment I thought the tiny man was going to explode. His face turned red and he began to tremble. Tintin grabbed my elbow and pulled me back to him.

The Carreidas laughed. The man laughed. Tears rolled down his old cheeks.

"Whe-whe- where are you folks headed?" He asked through tears.

"Onto flight 714 and-"

Tintin was interrupted by Carreidas. "Spalding! Have them transferred to our flight. We're going the to the same airport as them. Your flight just left but we can beat it there!"

"Really!?" I asked eagerly.

"Of course! Anyone who can make me laugh is a friend of mine."


Spalding walked to the cockpit past Captain was playing Carreidas in a game of battle ships while Tintin and I relaxed in the front. Snowy continued to growl at the cockpit.

"What wrong with him?" I asked.

"Before we boarded I saw Spalding speaking with a strange man. When I asked he said it was just a cousin." He whispered.

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