Tintin and the Rowen Adventure

Tintin and the Rowen Adventure

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the_writing_rose By the_writing_rose Updated Aug 16, 2018

"Stop the girl! She has the notes!" Cried a scratchy voice.

I clambered up to the window,dropped out, and raced onto the open street. The night was soggy and cold, which didn't help my cause. My feet splashed through puddles while I made my way into an abandoned building. The floor crackled under my feet as I heard angry men exiting the building I escaped from. I picked up my pace, as much as humanly possible, running out a door opposite of me and entering a better lit street. 

Deciding that zig zagging would take to much out of me I ran strait down the road, heading into town. I passed many places where I could ask to hide, but something kept me moving. Before a three way stop I saw a quaint apartment building with the lights still on. My old shoes dashed up the steps and a shaking fist banged on the door. 

"Please open up!" I cried. Shouts of men came  from the direction of the docks. 

"I'm sorry but were closed." Sighed a tired lady from a slit in the door. 

"Please! I'm beggin...

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