Been drinking?

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Thanks to many wonderful church men to now realize my spelling the Captain's name wrong. So sorry! I apologize and plan to spell it correctly from here on out.


"That's a terrible plan." Tintin growled for the hundredth time.

"It's brilliant." Rowen rebutted.

"There are too many variables that could go wrong. There is no way we're ever going to succeed with that-"

Rowen barked, "At least my idea  ensures we capture the mad man trying to kill us all!"

"Look, i have majority vote. We will go through with my plan. With or without you." With that Tintin stormed back into the library and slammed the door. 

"Fine!" She screamed, terrifying the guards. "When you all die, don't you even think about haunting me!"

Tintin heard the angry steps get farther down the corridor. Each one fueled his emotions. Anger, guilt, and many others flooded his head. He couldn't deal with this now. He had a situation to solve.
When he turned to face the group, they were all starring silently.

"Go ahead. Explain to them, my boy." The Captain smiled. "I'll be right back."


Rowen was blowing off steam by yelling at the fruit trees in the east garden.

"Certainly, you brilliant boy. You prodigy! You giant amongst men!
Why don't you listen?!! Why can't you understand?! I know you're so intelligent but I know stuff too! I know Rostapopolus better than you know Snowy! Agh! Uh! Why do you have to be!"

A familiar voice broke her raving, "Stubborn. A know-it-all. Controlling. Good looking?"

Rowen met his gaze for a moment and looked away ashamed. A sigh, "Hello Captain."

He motioned for her to sit with him under the apple trees. Reluctantly she plopped down next to the unusually calm man.

"Been drinking?"

He chuckled. "Eh. A swig or two at 3 this morning when you came tumbling in through the roof. Also a bit to get up the nerve to come out here."

She laughed a bit and let the comfortable atmosphere sink in. "I didn't mean...mean to...well, sound so angry or huffy but I was getting frustrated."

He watched her sink closer to the ground and cross her arms. A small scowl threatened to light the fuse of another angry rant. Haddock didn't think the trees could take much more. He placed a hand on her shoulder and brought forth his best advice.

"You know how I met the lad. And I had to learn, like you, the way he works and how things work with him."

He had her attention. "He can sometimes be controlling  or overbearing. He does have a good reason, though. Having been friends for so long, I learned that he is his own good luck charm."

His laughter raises one of her brows. "How so?"

"Well, dear, it never doesn't work. Ah- I mean it never goes wrong. Umm...that not true. Let me see-ah! Got it! Things always turn out alright with him and his friends in the end. I have never seen a villainous dog get the best of him twice. So trust him. And if you have important information just make him listen."

She smiled and turned her attention back the trees. The comfort of his words and kindness in his actions sunk in softly. It was almost like sitting under the trees with her father all over again. They sat there a moment more before he continued.

"The moment I saw you with him, I knew you'd be great allies. Friends. Pals, even. But I believe he holds you closer than you think. Through out all his travels, many of which I've accompanied him on, he's never met anyone like you...or me for that matter."

Rowen began to laugh with the Captain. Slowly she stood and extended her hand. He excepted the kind offer and the two began to return to the palace. The man who had once been a loud drunk only, in her mind, was becoming more buddy than blithering idiot every day.

The doors burst open and the group smiled at their returning companions. Rowen marched right up to the source of her discontentment and waited for anything to come out. For a while she just couldn't think of what to say to that stern face. A glance at the Captain, who offered a small nod, pushed her onward.

"First I must say that you may have been mostly correct. Second, there are some things you just don't know and need to except that. Thirdly, part A of your plan is too predictable and will not fool our enemy causing parts B and C to go awry. "

Her words had flown out so quickly Tintin almost missed her entire spill, but he let the wheels in his head begin to turn. Maybe she had a point.

"Also, I'm so sorry for my behavior."

Tintin smiled at the sad eyes staring at his shoes. His hand slowly slipped into her view and waited for a shake of friendship. Rowen quickly agreed and the hand shake served to fuel their friendship even more.

"What do you propose we do in part A?" He asked.

She turned to the King. "What's the quickest way to spread a rummer?"

The following day Rowen cautiously walked amongst the crowds fueling her runners. No one suspected a thing. Thankfully.

"They're moving the scepter today, Ethel! And the King has chosen to leave it unguarded as to avoid unwanted attention!"

"No one had seen the crazy beach men since early this morning. They've decided to move the scepter to the castle farther inland."

"Our King is a loony!"

She sifted the bundle under her disguise and continued in the north-east direction. Snowy trotted attentively beside her. Forty meters ahead, the two detectives were paving a way through the crowds as well. All four travelers trying their best to avoid being spotted. Rowen caught a glimpse of Tintin on the street over. The Captain not too far behind him.

When the three teams reached the dented of town they split off. Rowen sent Snowy with Tintin, Thompson joined her and Haddock joined Thomson.

One glance at him was all she needed now. The reassuring smile could carry her to the moon and back. Some day, it may. However, she was wanted down on earth to finish the mission. But how could anything possible go wrong?

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