Dress up, dance shrunk

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Dresses don't quite suit me. I didn't mind the colors, the shapes, the designs or the way they made you look. The ravishing appearance appealed to me. Though, the airy open under part did not. They were hard to finger in and fast get always were out of the option. This dress however appealed to me. It was a brilliant red. A rose pattern embroidered the whole dress. It was a short. A bit above the knees. The sleeves barely brushed her elbows. It appeared to sparkle in a well lit room. And It was all mine.

"Your sure you want nothing for it?" I asked again. The ideas of something so breathtaking going unpaid for slightly disturbed me.

"Absolutely!" Smiled the merchant. "Just be sure to let everyone know who you got it from!"

I packed up the dress and met my friends  outside the cabin. We began to stroll around deck as we spoke of an assortment of topics and one kept crossing my mind.

"Captain, how did you meet Tintin?" I inquired.

They looked at each other. "He called my ship a tub."

The air was silent before I burst into laughter. Snowy wined, sounding a bit offended.

"Oh," I paused. "You weren't joking?"

"Course not," smiled Tintin. "I was kidnapped by Alan and his men. They wanted a clue to give to there boss. I was in possession of one of three clues before I was pick-pocketed. Though, when I was taken and didn't have it on me, they didn't kill me immediately I suspected they would have."

"You must have been useful for something," I offered.


Captain interrupted,"Next thing I know some land lovin', red haired, young pup and his dog come climbing in my window. I thought they'd come to kill me!"

"You were drunk," input Tintin.

"We escaped and ended up flying a plane into a terrible storm!" Cried the Scotsman.

"No way!" I exclaimed.

"Yes! Then Tintin crashed." The two men began to bicker about medical alcohol and interviewing a pilot ONCE.

"Hey! Enough!  We have a dinner to attend in  two hours. I need to get ready. Also, I need to find someone who can work with make up."

As I walked off to find a maid I heard another conversation start.

"Why do you search so much lad?"

"Perhaps I'm looking for myself"

"...Or someone else..."

Wax. The make up felt like a sticky wax as it sculpted my face. After one hour of messing around with my face the lady moved to my hair. Pulls, tugs and pain! But I was done. And I was IMPRESSED. My eyes popped, jaw defined and skin smooth and clear.

"Very nice! Thank you so much!" I exclaimed to the worker.

"My pleasure! May I say, I did and exultant job!"

I twirled once in the mirror and decided to skip out. My shoes pinched as I walked but the nice lady held me upright, yet I managed to end up on the ground once or twice. We made our way to the dinning hall. The middle was a mammoth open space. Couples glided across the floor in a mechanical, magical way.

"My dear!" called the merchant.

Across the room, I spied my friends and three others. Everyone except the two ladies stood to greet me. I filed into the seat next to Tintin.

The Captain continued with his story as Tintin whispered in my ear. "I thought you wouldn't make it."

"Almost didn't. Fell down the first flight of stairs and almost tripped over the railing. One of the attendants helped me. A very kind lady."

"You could have asked for my assistance. I would have lov- been honored to help."

I laughed a bit. "I wasn't going to let you help me figure out a dress. "

He blushed a bit. "Perhaps."

"I never got your name my dear." An older gentleman at the head of the table snatched my attention.

"My name is Rowen sir, it's a pleasure to meet you." I smiled. Smile wrinkled formed in the corner of his eyes and he nodded his head.

"I hear your quite the adventurer. May I ask..." Much of the evening flowed like that until I noticed Tintin getting antsy. This was quite unusual seeing as he has sat with many important figures and never moved an inch.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Ask me to dance."



"Is something the matter?" Asked Captain Haddox as the table turned their attention to us.

"Umnn-" I began.

"I was thinking its a shame no one has asked a beautiful young lady, like Mrs. Rowen, to dance. So I decided I'd ask her." He stood up and extended his hand. "Madam." He winked.

I prayed the natural blush was still hidden beneath all the makeup. "Why thank you sir!"

He quickly guided me out to the dance floor and we began to twirl with the music. The orchestra guided us along as we glided betwixt the couples and casually floated about. 

"You look beautiful as always," he suddenly spoke.

"Thank you, your not so bad yourself," I grinned.

"Thank you. Although, pardon my saying so, I do believe you've shrunk!" He exclaimed.

"My shoes are off, silly!"

"Ahh! Of course! I forgot how modern people dance." He joked.

"Obviously! Perhaps - woah!" My slick stockings misstepped on the smooth floor and I dropped. But didn't hit.

Tintin had grasped my back and arm so tightly, one may have thought he was holding onto his lost treasure.

"Thank you, my Knight."

"Anytime, Princess."

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