Eggs, a Drunk, and Nestor

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The smell of bacon and eggs wafted into the bedroom. I sat up, sore and groggy. The dampness of my pants and sweater from the night before had soaked into the bed. My wild hair looked like an undiscovered beast. I glanced to the door of the room. My bloody socks and old shoes sat in a pile next to the wall.

Rolling out of bed, I lazily hobbled to the door. My left leg dragging me down. Creaking echoed around the tidy living room as I pressed it open. The white wire terrier races over to me, barking excitedly.

"Glad to see your awake. Did I wake you?" Asked a soft voice from the kitchen.

"I believe it was the smell of your wonderful cooking that jilted my slumber." I replied struggling for the kitchen.

"You haven't even tasted it yet." I could here the smile in his words.

"Yeah, but anything that smells that much like heaven can't be too bad." I replied, skidding into a chair.

He placed a plate full of food in front of me. Without thinking, I began shoveling the greasy bacon and hot eggs into my watering mouth. For a moment, I was the only  person in the world, then a pink apron appeared to my right. I stopped and wiped my hands on my napkin.

"Nice apron," I smiled after swallowing.

"Nice appetite. I take it you haven't eaten in a while." He sat next to me.

"Just a week. It was-"

"Was what?"

"I'm sorry. I can't discuss this."

The rest of the meal was quiet and I actually used a metal utensil.

"We should leave now for your friends place." I stated limping to the bedroom.

The young reporter quickly came to my aide. "Put your arm around my neck." He instructed, placing his arm around my waist. We managed to make it to the bed, where he sat me down gently.

"I took the liberty to pack last night. I have a pair of shoes from when I was younger, they aren't brand new but there better than your old ones."

"I'm very grateful." He smiled at my response and went about collecting a few things.

"Nestor, my friends butler, will be here shortly. The ride isn't to long, but if you begin to feel uncomfortable, in any way, just tell me."

He sat down next to me as I nodded.

"Now I have some questions for you. I don't want you to lie. Just tell me if you don't want to answer. As I ask I'll help you put on the shoes and socks. Alright?"

"I think I can do that."

He began." Did you know those men last night?"


"Where they trying to kill you?"

"They could have been."

"What are the blue prints and papers I found on you?"

My eyes grew wide and my breathing became more rapid.

"I can't say and I'd like to have those back!" I said quickly.

He nodded and pointed to the bedside table. None looked to have been opened or tampered with. I became calm again. "Continue."

"Who is your friend?"

"He is a professor. Deaf like a dead man but kind as can be. Can't always understand what is happening because of his hearing loss, but, somehow, when you need him to here you the most he can help. He always helps me with my problems..."

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