Chapter - 8

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Bella POV

I am standing near the podium. What's funny is it's my wedding and I don't know about it. One day I'm gonna kill this Alexander
...oh no I can't then I will go to jail... I can't live the rest of life as a widow in jail... all dark and gloomy...
Mama raised me better than to be in jail...
This is not for me but for mom I'm gonna live happily with that monster...

Bride? Bride?
Priest called me this took me out of my trance

Huh?...I was confused
Bride do you take the groom Mr. Alexander as your husband? Priest asked me
I looked at my mom she gave me a death glare
Wait is she my mom or his?
This world is unfair on me! Phewww
So bad all of them
I said. I do

I looked in to Alexander's face he looked like he just won a lottery l. He was looking in to my eyes passionately not with desire but love?
He said his I do too
What's with this priest
I do I do and I do
Priest I don't like you too
Oh no... I can't be that mean to him sorry priest

'I now pronounce you husband and wife with the power vested upon me. You may kiss the bride now' priest said.

Oh no is he gonna kiss me now? I wonder how those lips will feel on mine...
Oh no you naughty Bella what are you thinking?

I was in my own world. I felt something soft on my lips. They were really soft like cotton candy.
Wait what's on my lips.
I opened my and saw Alexander kissing me.
Wait what I was closing my eyes the whole time?
Did I enjoy it?

No that's not the problem... he took away my first kiss!
'Your lips taste really good and I am hungry for them again Cara Mia!' Alexedar said.

Reality hit me hard I'm married to Alexander and I'm stuck with him forever...
Oh god!
I am his legally now!

He carried me bridal style and got inside the BMW!

I could hear the sound of whistles and people cheering!

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