Chapter - 5

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Bella P.O.V

I am getting ready to go to work.
I am hungry.
I did not eat yesterday night.

"Bella get down breakfast is ready baby." Mom shouted from downstairs.

Oh mom just what I wanted.

I hurridely went down and started stuffing my mouth.

"Bella slow down here drink some milk too you will chok." mom said.

"Okay mom I am done I am leaving otherwise I will be late." I hurriedly grabbed my bag and started leaving.

"But you are not finished with your breakfast." I interuppted her with a loss on her cheek and hurriedly went out to catch the bus.


At the office I hurriedly went to the pantry area and made Mr. Hot choco's strong black coffee.

How can he drink this everyday!!

"You are on time today Bella"

"And I thought I am early. Why is this man not sleeping and come early?" I mumbled under my breath.

Here is your coffee and I gave him the coffee and placed a bag on his desk.

He gave me a questioning look and looked at the paper bag on the desk.

"Ah... Oh... Alexander it is your shirt... yesterday... Thanks for lending it to me" I told him.

"No worries." He replied me back.

I returned my work.


Alexander P.O.V.
(Surprise!! Surprise!!)

This girl makes me so crazy for her without even trying. What she doesn't know is that I am wrapped arround her little finger.

True I had my share fair of girls but she is so different. I feel so protective and possesive towards her. She is like my addictions.

I just have to make her mine. True that we have known her for a short period of time but for me it's love at first sight. I have never felt like this way before. Though I am normally not a commited person. I don't see my future without her. I see her cuddling with me. I see her shee is playing with our kids. I see her everywhere in my life, my future.

I will treat her like a queen, my queen. Baby just wait and see what comes in the future.

I asked my buddy Jason to run an investigation on her and find her weakspot.

Sorry baby but I have to do this.

Jason returned with the file

Found it, it's her MOM the weakspot.

I have to plan this carefully.

It's Wednesday today. I am gonna make her mine.

I smirked.

Chose the wrong way but I'll make things right just for you.

"Bella come here" I asked her to come.

"Yes?" She questioned.

I showed her the pictures in my hand.

"That's my mom. Why do you have photos of her?" She asked.

"Whatelse? To blackmail you"

"Huh? What are you saying?" She asked me.

"Look Bella I have money, fame and the power and you can't sue me baby. I can kill your mom with one phone call. Do you want that to happen now?" I asked her.

"No no no please don't do anything to mother. I'll do anything you want. Not my mom she is my life please I am begging you, I'll do anything you want" she begged me.

I feel had but I need you have and I don't regret my decision. I never did and I 'll never do.

"That's what I wanted to hear from your mouth." I told her.

"Anything, just anything, I'll do anything. Please leave my mother." She begged.

"You have to marry me and I don't believe in divorces and that's the final and no negotitations." I blurted out.

"Anything but that don't you think it's ridiculous. You don't even know me. Please! We don't love each other. Please!" She said.

What the heck?
How could she say that I don't love her. She is my life.

"Don't test my patience Bella. Either you accept or not and let your mom die for all because of your selfishness." I shouted.

"How dare you say I am selfish. You are the selfish bugger here." She exclaimed.

"That's not my problem. All I know is that I want you." I told her.

"You are not exactly leaving me a choice. Okay I agree and don't you ever think that I will fall in love with you you beanie person." She said.

I smirked just what I wanted. She will eventually fall in love with me.
Anyway who can resis me?

Except Bella my conscious answered for me.

"Okay then soon to be Mrs. Walkers you realise that you have agreed to this agreement and there won't be any sort of divorce. Dont pull any antics babe I have both power and money." I said.

She nodded her head defeated.

She has a law degree thats why she is smart. She knew eventhough she knows about law and can sue me, she can't put up with my status and agreed. My smart woman.

"Okay then let's go." I said.

"To where?" She asked.

"You will see." I said with a smirk plastered on my face.

From now on you will be mine forever Bella.
Come let's go Bella I'll show you where you belong Bella.

I took her to-.....

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