Chapter - 1

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Bella POV
(Kristen Stewart as Bella)

Wow...Nice just when I was above to kiss Austin Mahone, everything came tumbling down. Can my life be more difficult than now? Gheez!! My annoying alarm.

"Bella, honey get up!! You have an interview today." My annoying yet sweet momma screamed all the way from kitchen. How do I know? Cause I know the aroma of my mom's special  Choc chip pancake.

Ohh wait what???

What is the time now?
Oh shoot no omg
What am I gonna do? I have an interview at 10.30 and now it's friggin 9.30

"Momma why did you not wake me up earlier. Ughhh..." I shouted at my mom from my room.

"Its alarm clock's job not mine sweet cheeks" my typical mom, always COOL.

I quickly grabbed my towel and ran to the bathroom which is attached to my room. I quickly brushed my teeth and showered and wrapped the towel around myself and ran back to my small closet. I already picked the suit yesterday night which consisted of a black pencil skirt and a purple blouse along with nude pumps and a purple clutch. I wanted to keep a professional look so I applied only a small amount eye liner along with mascara and lip gloss. I grabbed my clutch ran down to the kitchen grabbed a pancake and swallowed down.

"Oh!! Honey slow down baby. You will choke" my mom said sounding very concerned.

"No momma no time" I said as I drank water.

I bid my Goodbye to mom and ran down the street to hail a taxi, of course my mom wished me Good luck.

Now it's 10.00, I hailed a taxi and got in and told the driver the address.

Oh shoot I forgot to introduce myself...
I am Annabelle Waters. I am 22. I am right after college. I have a degree in Bachelors of Law. I am pale looking with dark blue eyes and have raven black long wavy hair. Which was inherited by mom who is looking like she is in thirties though she is in her fourties, Mary Anderson. I am not tall nor shot just the perfect height 5 3". My parents are divorced, I live with my mom apparently my dad does not like us anymore. Anyway I love my mom more than my so called DAD, he is an asshole. He left us when I was small. When I was small I cried to sleep because I envied children with fathers but now I don't care because I have my mom.

"Miss we are here" the driver said.

I was thinking I did not notice that we already arrived.

I have a meeting at Walkers Co. LTD for a seceratary position in another 15 minutes. Good I'll go get a hot chocolate first, my favourite.

There was a cafe called La cafe in front of the huge building which is obviously Walkers Co Ltd.

I went inside and greeted with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
Mhhh... it smells yummy...

"Good Morning miss, What can I get you today?" asked a girl around 20 with a bright smile on her face.

Her smile made my day. Thanks Boo!!

"Yeah, ughh can I get a hot chocolate to go please?" I asked returning her smile.

"One hot chocolate is it?" She asked.
I nodded my head in response.

"That will be $4.90" she stated.

I took a ten dollar bill from my clutch and paid. She asked me to wait for a minute.

After few seconds I got my hot chocolate along with the change of money. I bid my bye to the girl.

What?? She was polite to me??

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