Chapter - 6

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Alexander P.O.V.

I took her to her home.

"Why are you taking me to my house anyway thanks for the ride. Now shu shu." Bella told me in a baby voice.

How I like to shut that pretty little mouth by hovering my mouth and ravishing her. Oh god! I am getting hard there just thinking about her.

"No way baby I am never gonna leave you alone now that you have agreed to marry me." With that I carried her bridal style near to her door step and rang the ball and was waiting till the door opens.

Here comes my ultimate card. You can never back off now.

The door opened not by itself, someone opened it.

"Oh Allexender you guys are here bytheway you guys look damn cute."
Mom cooed.

We are in that kind of a relationship. You know son and mom.

"Why you you... Ugh calling MY MOM mom huh??" My Angel exploded in anger. She looks so beautiful when she is angry.

"Stop trying to curse cause you can't baby. I will tell you everything now shush your mouth and listen." I told her.

"Mommy this person is trying to blackmail and marry me. Mommy save me mommy. I don't want to marry this old person. He is ugly. I want to die old with mommy and lots of cats." She screamed.

Oh my god my to be wife is so funny and cute. Baby you will for one-day but with me by your side. I smirked.

"Oh baby blackmailing was my idea. Now you have agreed to marry him. We have recorded your voice when you said. "... fine I will marry you.." sorry but not sorry cause you were not gonna marry someone anytime soon and I need Grandchildren a lot of them." Mom said with a high pitch voice.

Yes! Yes! Before I asked her to marry her I came and talked with Mom. She was ecstatic when I told her that I wanted to marry her daughter. She wanted me to marry her daughter as soon as possible under one condition that is to give her a lot of grandchildren.

That I will give her a whole basketball team don't worry.

Mom asked me to call her mom cause I am going to be her son-in-law. She was the person who came with the idea of blackmailing. How I love that mom? She is just so cool.

"Mommy you can't do this to me. I am angry with you. Ughhh" my beautiful said.

My baby can't even hate her mom.

What my Angel didnt realise yet is that, I was still carrying her bridal style.

"My sonny everything is ready as per your request. Let's get started now." Mom said.

I put my Angel down and mom took her to her room.

With that I left the house to the ch....


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