Chapter - 2

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Alexender POV

I could not sleep the whole night. I have been doing the paper works for the upcoming project the whole night.

Let me introduce myself,
I am Alexander Walkers. I just turned 27 this year. I am the heir to Walkers Co Ltd. I have one younger brother and a sister. I am a workaholic, I admit. I am not a committed person. Women are there to pleasure me. They have what I want and I have what they want which is money. I can do everything with money and I have money. Everyone says I am ruthless, rude and an arrogont jerk. I don't care cause I know I am.

Back to the present. Theres a cafe in front of my building called la cafe. I wanted to freshen myself up with a strong black coffee cause I feel sleepy. I just entered the cafe and was crashed with a short woman. Okay not short maybe but I am big. She was gonna fall but I held her before she falls.

Wow... she has the most prettiest dark blue eyes. She looks so small compared to me standing about 5 3". She has long raven black up to her waist. If only I could run my hands through her silky hair, what will it feel like?

She was staring at me, with her big blue eyes. She looks beautiful like an angel.

Wait, I feel something wet around my torso.

Oh... wait... shit... she didn't just spill her hot chocolate? On me...

Ughhh I am busy today. I have an interview to conduct today too for my secretary's position as my previous secretary wanted to retire and look after her grandchildren. She was the perfect secretary a boss could ask for. I don't want to let her go. But I can't be rude too.

Back to the present.

"Where the hell are you going? You just spilled your hot chocolate on me. Ughh.." I yelled at her angrily.

I don't think she heard me because she I s staring at me.

I waved my hand in front of her.

"Your eyes are beautiful" she said out if nowhere.

Her voice it is like a melody calms me down. Her voice itself is a major turn on for me.

But come on she stained my favourite Armani suit.

"Were you listening to me miss?" I asked her angrily.

"Huh?" She said still staring at me.

"What? Come again" she told me.

Really?? This girl.
Who does she think she is.

"Cant you see woman you spilled your hot chocolate on my suit?" I screamed at her.

She saw the hot chocolate stain on my suit.

"OMG, I am so sorry. I am really sorry." She apologized to me repeatedly while trying to wipe my coat with tissues.

"Please give me your Coat and your contact details, I will dry clean and bring it to you" she asked me.

What?? As if she got money to do tha

I slapped her hand away from my Coat and she was staring at me like a fish with oggling eyes.

I know what she is trying to do. I am not dumb. Women always trying to seduce and always turn everything in to coincidence.

I muttered TYPICAL WOMEN. I think she heard it, because this brought her out of her dream world.

Might be scheming something inside her wicked mind. This is not my first experience with a woman like that.

"I know what you want miss, you spilled hot chocolate on me purposely. You know what this approach is so old. You wanted to approach me, did you not? I caught you. Whats next on your agenda, get my number and seduce me to bed and get pregnant and marry me? Or if not blackmail me? I am not dumb you know. Go do those to others not me. Pathetic woman." I yelled at her.

"Excuse ME!!, I don't care who you are? And what you are? I never cared and I will never care. Marry you? Blackmail you? Who do you think I am. I am not a cheap woman who go around men wearing slutty suits. My momma raised me better. How dare you call me pathetic? I may be poor that does not mean I don't have my pride. As an educated person I am giving you an advice. Think before you talk and you know what I tried apologizing be a man and man up." She screamed at me.

Wait. What happened now??

I stared at her.
Did she just scream at me?

"It looks like you have a lot of money, I hope you can dry clean your coat by yourself. Why does a pathetic poor woman like me even touch your coat" she screamed at me.

I heard she muttered asshole under her breath and said ohhh that's a bad word.


That's new. Did she not know me?? Or Is she acting?? Because if she is, she deserves an award. But her eyes, I only saw anger and I could not find a single lie there.

But she just screamed at the Almighty Alexander Walkers the billionaire.

When I came out if my trance I did not see her in front of me but when I looked at the exit she was storming out of the cafe.

Damn her ass.

I went back to my condo and changed my suit in to another Armani.

I informed Rose that I'll be little late for the interview.

Damn that woman.

I got there after half an hour.

Rose infirmed me that all the candidates are here. So I asked her to send one by one in ordee. She handed me the resumes of the candidate and went to call up the candidates.
All the candidates came and went. Nobody attracted me the way like the hot chick woman did to me.

Hot headed and feisty. I like it. Wait why am I comparing her with others? Wait and I like it that she is hot blodded and feisty?

Really Alexander?


Little did I know I am gonna meet her very soon.

I was facing my window and thinking about that woman when I heard someone clearing her throat.

Then I heard the most melodic voice saying.

"I am Annabelle Waters, I am applying for the seceratary position-..."
I turned to her and she got cut off with her little speech.

She looked shocked and I looked too.

I knew then and there, she was meant for me and she is MINE.

Which plastered a killer smile on my face.

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