Chapter - 4

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Bella P.O.V

It's monday morning.
"Bella" it was not my alarm shouted. YES my mom.

I got ready in a white blouse and a black pencil skirt along with black pumps and yeah my black hanfbag.

I know my love for black is way too much.....

I went downstairs my mom has already left for work. I forgot to tell she is a wedding planner. I should say she knows her way in her work. One word she is amazing at her job.

I saw a note on the fridge.

"My baby good luck on your first day at work. I know you can do it. Make your mom proud and please find yourself a boyfriend I need grandchildren, I am old now also I made your favourite Chico chip pancakes and there is you favourite apple juice I the fridge drink it. I had to go early there is an emergency. Bye. Love you baby."

"Oh My God what kind if a mom is she? Boyfriend? Grandchildren? No way in birdworld I am gonna marry any soon." I shouted out loud.

"But I love her she made me choco chip pancackes. I love you mom. I might consider marrying someone if you make me pancakes everyday. You make the best."

What I love pancackes.
Just maybe....
Way too much.
I admit.

I hurriedly are my breakfast otherwise I might be latelm


I got inside the Walkers company with Alexander my boss's black coffee. That's what Rose informed me. He needs his strong black coffee as soon as be comes to the office.

Really isn't it bitter. Yuck.

Rose was waiting near the reception.

We greeted each other she gave me company pass and she told as I am boss's PA I can use his private elevator.

Wowww that's sound so good.

Shot its 9.05 am now I am not late. I hurridely went to CEO's office and opened it. I did not even knock. I know he might be late again.

"You are late Bella..." His voice startled me and I spilled the coffee all over me.

"Oh my Birdworld I am doomed." Allexender started laughing.

"Really Birldworld. Huh??" He roared with laughter.

"It ain't funny" I poured.

"Why always spill stuff when you are near me. Mhhh"

Oh my birdworld his voice is so hoarse and I don't know Manly?
First time, this is the first time I am feeling like this.
Like butterflies in my stomach.
But how can butterflies there be in my stomach. I pouted.

I looked down at my white blouse it is stained. Oh my bird world.
How can I work like this?

"Alkexender can I go home and change in to another outfit and come fast straight to the office? I can't work like this." I asked him.

He was stating at my chest area.
What is he looking at?
I looked down. Oh my bird world my original white blouse is now see through and can see my Victoria Secret's black bra.

I tried cover with my hair and using my hands.

But a hand stopped me. It belonged Allexender.

"No" he roared at me.

What is he doing? And I am embarassed.

"You ain't hiding your body from me." He pointed his finger at me and told.
"You and your belong to me and me only."

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