Chapter - 3

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Bella P.O.V

Oh My Bird World, the boss in front of me is the hot chocolate man.

Here I thought Mr.Walkers is a 50ish man.

What should I do now??

Oh My God...!! I don't know.

I stared at him dumbfounded.

"Oh isn't this famous Miss. Hot
Chocolate??" He asked but I just stared at him.

"Though I am impressed at the stunt you pulled there we have to be professional here right." He stated I just nodded my head in respond as I am utterly shock at the fact Mr. HOT Chocolate is the CEO.

I should have kept my mouth shut. All happens because of my my big mouth. It would have been unfair for me if I didnt open my mouth isnt it?

Will I get the job?

No you want get the job because of your unprofessional mouth.

What was that?

Your conscious you idiot.


No butts.

Don't use bad words.

Someone cleared his mouth.

Shoot!! Did I just argue with my conscious? I am weird. I thought to myself.

Mr. Hot Chocolate chuckled at me.

Which made me realised that I said it out loud.

"Yes you did" I stared at him.

Shoot!! I did it again. Really Bella you should stop doing it. Its weird.

Mr. Hot chocolate started laughing at me. I realised I said it out loud again.

Birds fly~~~~~~~~~

It was awkward.

"Okay, back to the present Ms. Anabelle"

How did he know my name??

"Your resume" he said.

I did it again I mentally thought.

"Okay Ms. Annabelle, tell me, Why do you want this job?" He asked me.

"Well, I think I suit this job than anyone else cause I am an organised person as well as a very diligent hardworker." I said very confidently.

"As I can see, you have done very well in college." He stated.

"Yes, I got an Island rank." I emphasized.

"Very well then you got the job Miss Annabelle" he said with a smirk on his face.

I was ecstatic I jumped up from my seat and ran to him and hugged.

He was shocked for a moment but he hugged me back.

Okay!! Wait!!

WHAT did I do??

What kind if an overreaction is that??

I pulled back but he was hugging me tightly.

"Excuse me" I said.

I think he got out of his trance because he released me from his tight hug.

He went near his deemed and pressed the intercom and asked Mrs. Rose to come inside.

After Mrs. Rose came inside Mr. Walkers asked her to give me a tour around the office and teach what I am supposed to do while being the personal Assistant to Mr. WALKERS.

"Hii, Mrs, Rose right I am Annabelle but you can call me Belle or Bella" I said smiling at her.

"Yes, I am Rose please just call me Rose no Mrs okay and I'll go with Bella. I'all give you a tour around the office then Ill teach you what you are supposed to do? Basically all you have to do is answer call, schedule Mr. Walkers plan, Arrange meetings and copy files. Which reminds me that I have to teach you how to make his coffee. He drinks only strong coffee." She said to me in one breath.

I just smiled at me.

After one hour I am here standing near Rose while she makes Mr. Walkers coffee which I think will taste really bitter.

Come on I am a sweet person.

Apparently he drinks coffee every hour.

Come on I love coffee but he drinks way too much.

After the tour was done I went back to Mr. Walkers cabin.

He told me I can go home and can start working from Monday onwards.

"Wait" he stopped me from going.

"Its Alexander to you baby"he said.


"You call me Alexander, Do you understand?" He said again.

"But everyone calls you sir or Mr. Walkers" I said.

"So, I told you to call me Alexander " he said.


"No butts and end of discussion, you can go home and relax, now go home" he cut me off.

I nodded my head at him in response and exited the cabin while on the way I bid my bye to Rose too.

After half an hour.
I got back home and flopped down on the sofa while ordering Chinese for lunch.

What? I love Chinese food.

I fell a sleep while waiting for my food to arrive.


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